Explanation of Symbols


   Mobility-restricted people (i.e. guests with crutches, guests with prams)
  Wheelchair Users
  Visually Impaired People
  Blind People
  Hearing-Impaired People

Deaf People

People with Learning Disabilities or Non-Native German Speakers  


Icon Kategorie 1 Category 1:
Businesses offer limited accessibility for the named target group, overnight accommodation is possible. Pertinent access standards have been implemented in part, e.g. at least 350 cm-wide parking spaces, entrance via one step max. and not through a rotating door. Space for movement is less than standards require, handholds are provided in the sanitary facilities, though not at the prescribed heights.
Icon Kategorie 2 Category 2:
Businesses have fully implemented all standards and met all criteria stipulated in Cat.1. Furthermore, such features as a min. width of at least 90 cm for entrance doors, clearly marked parking spaces for guests with handicaps, sufficient space for movement (hallways, sanitary facilities, stairways, lifts etc.) all meet required standards.
Icon Kategorie 3 Category 3:
In addition to accessible facilities, businesses offer additional services for mobility-restricted people, making them highly suitable for such a target group.


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