Accommodation in Salzburg

Living in Salzburg
Ancient wooden floors or walls decorated with modern art. Rustic furniture or exquisite design:  the hotels in Salzburg are multifaceted and diversified. Whether you prefer a magnificent 5-star hotel on the banks of the Salzach, a charming boutique hotel in the Old City, a youth hostel or a comfortable farm on the outskirts, you are certain to find the right accommodations for your stay.

Sweet dreams in Salzburg
Salzburg's outstanding reputation as the Festival city and Mozart's birthplace  attracts tourists from around the world. Visitors will find an excellent choice of hotels that can hold their own in a comparison with other international cities. Salzburg has a vast number of hotels in different categories. The offer is rounded off by three campsites on the edge of town, private rooms, B&Bs, holiday apartments and religious accommodations.

In the best location
Those who appreciate city life but still want to return to the country in the evening will feel especially comfortable in Salzburg's environs. Anthering, Bergheim, Elsbethen, Elixhausen, Eugendorf, Grossgmain, Grödig, Hallwang and Wals-Siezenheim have outstanding transport connections to the city of Salzburg while offering guests a relaxed country atmosphere. The ideal destination for a perfect family, golf or culture vacation.

Perfect hosts
The tradition and quality of Salzburg's hotels are renowned throughout the world . The first hotels were built when tourism first started to develop at the end of the 19th century. Many traditional hotels offering comfort and quality, some with their own restaurants serving an exquisite cuisine, can be found in the historic city center. A number of international hotel chains established themselves in the New City (St. Andrew's District on the right bank of the Salzach) during the eighties and nineties, enhancing the available accommodations with modern hotels.




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