Hotel Route

Hotel Route Salzburg
To make the access easier, most Hotels are included to the Salzburg Hotel Route System:
 By which the town is divided into four different colored sectors: red, yellow, green, orange.
The Routes
Through every sector leads one main entrance route.
Each from another autobahn exit towards the citycenter.
These Routes have the signs "Hotelroute" and the color of its sector
Of course they are included in our citymaps, katalogues etc...
E.g. the main entrance route yellow leads from the Tourist Info South
through the Alpenstrasse, the main entrance route green, from Autobahn exit West
through the Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse, direction Neutor, orange from Autobahnexit "Mitte"
through Münchner Bundesstrasse, Ignaz Harrerstrasse in direction "Bahnhof" (Station)
and last but not least leads the Hotel Route red from Autobahnexit North through Vogelweiderstrasse.
The Hotels
Those Hotels, situated directly along the entrance routes have their own signs in front of the house with their Hotel Name
all others located apart are mentioned by their name when the main entrance route has to be left.


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