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Adventmarket St. Leonhard

Gartenauerstraße 8
5083 Grödig-St.Leonhard
+436246 73570
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Advent in Salzburg

November 25 - December 17, 2017

One of the most famous and popular events within the framework of the Salzburg Advent is doubtlessly the Advent in St. Leonhard. During the weekends of that period numerous people come from far away to experience this Advent: By the pilgrimage church the sales booths full of atmosphere with their elegance offer Christmas presents with products from different fields of artistic handicrafts, with original children`s toys, with mangers, Christmas tree decorations candles and wax moulds, with do-it-yourself items, handicrafts and many other beautiful and useful items, blended with the odour of honey, lavender, punch and hot spicy wine, in short, a Christmas market which attracts many visitors each year due to its high-quality merchandise.

Additionally, there are events in the pilgrimage church, the winds and the Advent concerts in which many choirs and musical groups as well as famous speakers participate.

Since 1973 this Advent in St. Leonhard has developed from small, modest beginnings to an institution known across the frontiers of Salzburg which has become an indispensable token of folklore customs of the province.


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