Celebrations & Customs

Familiarise yourself with Salzburg’s customs and traditions during your stay

Although Salzburg is very urban it’s also a city that greatly values its customs and traditions. Throughout the entire year the many events and celebrations provide guests with opportunities to take home unique memories.


The numerous celebrations and traditional cultural events give visitors from around the globe a first-hand opportunity to acquaint themselves with various customs of the region. Brightly decorated maypoles are raised on the 1st of May, harvest festivals take place at the end of autumn and there are processions featuring Santa Claus and Krampus spirits in frightening masks in the weeks before Christmas. In fact, authentic displays of traditions and customs can be witnessed in Salzburg all year round.


A unique perspective on Salzburg from the Ferris wheel

The people of Salzburg love to be seen in their Tracht clothing. The Rupertikirtag fairground in September is a great for observing the people of Salzburg at play – and for joining in the fun. This traditional church consecration celebration around the cathedral is held in honour of Saint Rupert, patron saint of the Salzburg region. There’s lots of fun to be had with the carousels, fairground booths, Ferris wheel, beer tents, and culinary treats for visitors of all ages.


Join in Salzburg’s Bauernherbst celebrations

Around 2000 Salzburg ‘Bauernherbst’ events enable you to enjoy a celebration of local customs and handicrafts, partake of delicious locally-made specialities, watch cattle herded back down from mountain pastures, and dance to traditional music from the region. Bathed in autumn sunlight Salzburg is a truly beautiful place to be!

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