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Salzburg Art Projects Walk of Modern Art

Salzburg Art Projects Walk of Modern Art

You may well want to take some time to explore the Walk of Modern Art. This exceptional art and sculpture circuit displays the works by renowned international artists, such as Anselm Kiefer, Markus Lüpertz, James Turrell, Anthony Cragg or Christian Boltanski, to name but a few.
The Walk takes visitors to Salzburg's most beautiful places and hidden treasures, and to places where art is least expected. The sculptures are within walking distance of the Old City and freely accessible.
The Walk of Modern Art was initiated by the Salzburg Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation for Art and Culture Bonn as part of a 10-year project entitled "Salzburg Art Project".

Each year, between 2002 and 2010, the Salzburg Foundation invited an international artist to Salzburg to design and execute a work of art for the public space. With the execution of the 10th and final arts project in October 2011 comprising three works by the acclaimed Austrian artists Brigitte Kowanz, Manfred Wakolbinger and Erwin Wurm, the Walk of Modern Art was completed.

In 2013, the artworks (of the Salzburg Foundation) were transferred to the International Würth Collection, where they are now on permanent loan from the City of Salzburg.

Whilst every artist had taken a completely different approach, each sculpture is an interpretation of Salzburg and highlights the city's identity as a cultural centre and World Heritage site. All artists had the chance to visit the city and familiarize themselves with its history, culture and architecture before designing and executing a work of art in a public site of their choosing. By presenting their very personal interpretations, this circuit of contemporary art, which is unique in Europe, has evolved.

In a town steeped in tradition, it offers visitors and residents the opportunity to engage in an inspiring dialogue with contemporary art. You, too, are invited to search for new answers to new questions and by doing so, experiencing another side of Salzburg.

PUBLIC Guided Tours

Guided tour to selected sculptures of the “Walk of Modern Art”
Dates: April 22, June 3, July 22, October 14, 2016
Meeting point: 3 pm, Mozarteum university - inner courtyard
Duration: 100 min., in all weathers
Free entrance
Registration necessary:, tel. +43 50 8242-0
Explore Salzburg from the perspective of international modern artists. On your tour through the old city all the sculptures will be visitd.
Guided Tour in German, English and Italian.
Date: Every 1st Saturday in month at 2pm - only for registered participants, please reserve 2 days in advance!
Meeting point: sculpture "Caldera" Makartplatz, Salzburg
Duration: approx. 2 hrs.
Price: € 10.00/per person (excl. Mönchsberglift)
Registration: Austriaguide Mrs. Inez Reichl de Hoogh, tel. +43664 4968011
Individual tours to all sculptures
Dates: on arrangement by telephone
Meeting point: sculpture "Caldera" Makartplatz, Salzburg
Duration approx: 2 1/4 hrs.
Price: € 10.00 per person (excl. Mönchsberglift)
Registration: Dr. Hannele Schaber, tel. +43662 841467
Walking tours are accompanied by interactive texts and sketches, inviting participants to come to grips with contemporary art in downtown Salzburg in new and exciting ways.
Dates: on arrangement
Meeting point: on arrangement
Duration: 1.5 - 4 hrs.
Price: from € 120.00
Registration: Mag. Anita Thanhofer, tel. +43650 2753550,,,
Guided Tours for groups
Dates: all year round, by arrangement
Registration:, Mag. Elisabeth Kreuzhuber MBA, tel. +43 50 8242-0


The 12 artworks of the Walk of Modern Art

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