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Hangar-7 - Aviation Museum

Hangar-7 - Aviation Museum

Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a
5020 Salzburg
+43662 2197-0
Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport is a unique architectural work of art. Originally planned to accommodate the Flying Bull's steadily growing collection of historic aircraft, Hangar-7 has become synonymous with avant-garde architecture, modern art and exquisite dining.
Explore the many-faceted Hangar-7 - a venue for art, epicurean delicacies and technology.

Due to its extraordinary architecture, Hangar-7 has emerged as a distinctive new landmark in the city of Salzburg.
In designing Hangar-7, the attempt was made to filter the world of aviation into the architecture and to create a unique setting whose flowing lines can be perceived in three dimensions with all of the senses.
Standing inside Hangar-7, the transparent shell seems to open into an endless sky above the historic airplanes. Looking on the building from the outside, the metaphor of a wing comes to mind, exuding incredible dynamics and an absence of gravity - despite the 1,200 tons of steel and 380 tons of special glass that went into its construction.

At Hangar-7, art is not presented obtrusively. Rather, it is blended into the surroundings in a subtle and stylish way. This alone guarantees a unique atmosphere inside the impressive glass dome of Hangar-7, for the exhibited pieces can quite literally be seen in a different light depending on the weather or the position of the sun.

At Hangar-7, artists and visitors come together on an equal footing. Although it serves as a meeting place for all art lovers, the term “art gallery” would not do it justice as an exhibition venue. Rather, Hangar-7 is a place where artists and art aficionados can exchange ideas and inspire one another. The exhibition space is brought to life by this exchange, which stimulates the contrast between the different exhibition themes: technology in all its forms on the one side, and the equally varied art on the other.

A long-cherished dream has come true at the Ikarus Restaurant - the Ikarus concept.
Patron Witzigmann and executive chef Martin Klein invite the world's best chefs to cook at the Ikarus, taking Hangar-7 guests on a culinary trip around the world. Each month a different guest chef presents his personal style of preparing exquisite cuisine for a superb dining experience.

The Flying Bulls in Salzburg are devoted to the art of finding rare historic aircraft, which they refurbish with dedication to let them fly again.
Hangar-7 was opened at Salzburg Airport in the summer of 2003, henceforth the home of the Flying Bulls. A special feature of the Flying Bulls' historic collection: the exhibits are much more than just collector's items. All of the Flying Bulls aircraft, regardless of age, are still airworthy.

Opening hours 2017:
Aviation museum: daily 9 am-10 pm
Closed: until Jan. 3 and approx. Christmas until beginning of January 2018

Visits and Guided Tours for groups: prior arrangement necessary
Admission free

(as of Nov. 2016)

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