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Eisarena Salzburg

Eisarena Salzburg

Hermann-Bahr-Promenade 2
5020 Salzburg
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The Ice Arena in Salzburg's Volksgarten is of one of the favorite winter sports facilities for Salzburg's residents and visitors. The park on the banks of the Salzach is close to the city center and has an old tree population. The ice rink was built in the early 1960s and covered in July 1980. It was converted to a spacious hall in 2002. The artificial ice offers ideal training conditions for ice hockey players and professional ice skaters and is also popular with parents and children.

Fun for young and old
The Salzburg Ice Arena has two ice rinks measuring 60 x 30 meters each, one of which is outdoors. The Ice Arena opens in October and offers skaters recreational fun for several months, regardless of the weather.
Skates can be rented or sharpened at the rink. Children's skating courses are available to teach children the right skating techniques and the importance of sports and exercise. Parking spaces are available at the Ice Arena.

The Ice Arena as a sports venue
The artificial ice rink in the Volksgarten was sold out for the first time on December 12, 1977 with 3,500 spectators watching the match between HCS and KAC. Over 5,000 spectators came to the covered hall for another game against the Klagenfurt team in 1981. The successful Red Bull seasons in 2006 and 2007 drew an average of 2,700 spectators to the rink, several matches were even sold out.
Salzburg's Ice Arena is home to the Red Bull Salzburg Ice Hockey Club and has a capacity of 3,200 seats. In addition to the home games of Salzburg's Red Bull team, the hall also serves as a venue for games by the farm team, EC Red Bull Salzburg II, in the national league as well as the women's team, DEC Salzburg Eagles. During the winter the hall is also used for public skating, short track events, formation skating and curling.

Daily 10am-4.15pm
Mon, Wed, Sat 7.15 p.m.-8.30 p.m.

Entrance fees 2013/2014:
Adults: € 4,30
Youth (15-18 yrs) € 3,30
Children (3-15 yrs) € 2,50

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