Art and culture in Salzburg

The wealth of art and culture found in Salzburg is unparalleled. A variety of museums and galleries of international repute, over 4,000 cultural events each year, projects by highly acclaimed international artists set up in the historic city center, prestigious academies such as the Summer Academy, high-profile fairs and exhibitions and the world-famous Salzburg Festival make the city a true El Dorado for the culturally interested visitor.

Whether the European high culture or alpine customs, traditional or modern, hotly-contested or en vogue: the vivid art scene in Salzburg is many-faceted and invites people of all ages to explore, admire, discuss and enjoy.

Visual art in Salzburg
Nearly 50 galleries and museums with continuously changing exhibitions offer the full spectrum of visual art from painting to photography, from classical to modern.

Performing arts in Salzburg
Whether at the Landestheater or the Marionette Theater, at Salzburg's sommerszene or Easter Dance Days, the Mountain Film Festival or Winter Tent – Salzburg offers a wide range of performing arts with new surprises and highlights throughout the year.

Music in Salzburg
Music is in the air in Salzburg, preeminently inspired by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the many Mozarteum students, the Salzburg Festival and profuse number of events. Whether during Mozart Week, the Jazz Festival, the Biennale, Fortress Concerts or Advent Serenades: the Salzburg visitor will inevitably be enveloped by music.

Literature in Salzburg
The writing and reading public gained fresh impetus after the Literature Festival was launched in Salzburg in 2008. Renowned publishers are based in Mozart's city, internationally acclaimed writers and authors have found their spiritual home, accredited literary journals are published in Salzburg and interesting readings and events featuring international authors are held at the Salzburg Literaturhaus all year round.

Salzburg Foundation and Salzburg Art Projects
The Salzburg Foundation has installed objects of art by internationally renowned contemporary artists in Salzburg with a strong commitment since 2002. Each year an international, independent board of trustees selects a prominent artist who is invited to Salzburg, where the concept for a work of art to be set up in and for the city of Salzburg is developed. The project aims to create an outstanding art and sculpture park in the city within a period of ten years.

All of the Salzburg Foundation's Art Projects are visited and discussed on the two-hour "walk of modern art" through Salzburg's historic city center.
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