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Salzburg for Nighthawks

Nighttime promenades, trendy bars behind the façades of venerable burgher houses, cool clubs and cozy pubs dominate the nightlife in Salzburg. The pre-party begins in the rustic breweries and the rave-up ends on the dance floor at one of the hip hangouts. When the morning dawns you realize once more: nights in Salzburg are much too short.

Along Rudolfskai
The ancient burghers' houses on the left and right sides of the Salzach hardly give you a clue of the hot hangouts hidden behind their old-fashioned façades. The bars are lined up side by side along the Rudolfskai (near Getreidegasse). This is where you'll find everything from Irish music at the Shamrock or O'Malley's to the "Podium" bar frequented by the younger crowd.

In the historic city center
Moving along the left banks of the Salzach towards the Mönchsberg, you'll automatically drop into one of the oldest venues in Salzburg such as the "republic" or the "Flip". A branch of the famous World Finest Clubs, the Club Take Five is also found in Gstättengasse or the Club "Half Moon". Walking along Franz Josef Kai you'll find places offering international cuisine like the "Momento-Bar" or indian cuisine like the "Coco Lezzone". If you're looking for heartier but no less typical Salzburg fare, stop at the "Würstelkönigin" (Hot Dog Queen) on Ferdinand Hanusch Platz. This is where you'll find a variety of sausages ranging from Käsekrainer and Debreziner to hot or mild Burenhäutl served with a touch of local color especially late at night.  

In and around Steingasse
Once you've crossed the Staatsbrücke (State Bridge), you'll have to decide between the Steingasse and the Kai. Aside from being one of the most charming streets in Salzburg's Old City, the Steingasse is teeming with bars and bistros. Mexican flair and its culinary delights can be found at the "Pepe Gonzales", serving 110 different cocktail classics and snacks such as nachos, tortillas, chicken wings and hot chili con carne. In addition to these lucullan pleasures Pepe's Cocktailbar pampers the ladies on Wednesdays ("hot ladies night") while professional DJs DJs play their sizzling sets. You can watch the chef prepare fish and various soups and salads at the "Shrimpsbar". If you walk on and pass the doorman's critical eye, you'll find yourself in the "Saitensprung", a combination of bar and disco. Its counterpart is the nearby "Andi Hofer", a sophisticated pub with good food, friendly service and lots of regulars.
The regular clientele at the Steinterrasse appreciate the unique ambiance of their favorite locale, furnished in the style of the 1950s, the spacious bar and lounge and the breathtaking panoramic view of Salzburg's Old City. You have to be fast to get one of the much sought-after seats at the window. The Steinterrasse is also one of the top party locations for tourists, locals, Festival goers and wannabes in the summer. Food is served right up to closing time.

Alternative scene
If you're up this way you shouldn't miss one of the fixed stars in Salzburg's cultural heavens. The full spectrum of jazz, rock, pop, folk, blues, metal, punk, hip-hop, crossover to contemporary music and avant-garde can be heard at the "Rockhouse" in Schallmooser Hauptstrasse. A side-trip to the places around Priesterhausgasse is absolutely worthwhile. Der "Fidele Affe", for example, another one of Salzburg's perennial favorites where guests dine on Austrian dishes along with Salzburg beer. A similar atmosphere is found at the "Mattseer Stiftskeller", a pub actually located in the cellar and popular with students and musicians from the Mozarteum, often letting guests in on an impromptu live session.
A visit to the Nonntal, the city's southwestern district, is also very worthwhile. This is where you'll find the "ARGE Beisl" with its cozy bistro, the "ARGE Beisl," offering excellent food. The ever-popular "SOG"" pizzeria is in close proximity, serving hot dishes until 11 pm.

Trendy places along the Salzach
If you prefer to stay in the city center you should head for the Giselakai, where you'll find Salzburg's senior nightclub, the "Chez Roland" or "Daimler's Bar & Late-Night-Grill" with a bar on the ground floor and outstanding restaurant on the first floor. The "Monkeys" has a special "box seat" right on the banks of the Salzach: the new patio on the riverside lets connoisseurs lounge in a cozy atmosphere while they munch on snacks. The fortes at the "Baboon Bar"r diagonally opposite include an inviting outdoor dining area for balmy summer evenings and a myriad selection of music styles (70s and 80s, party hits and classic disco favorites, acid jazz and modern hits). Directly on the Salzach you can find the „Amadeus Salzach-Insel-Bar“ which is an extravangant Bar on the river and the Eventlocation Number one.

Modern demonstration brewery and beer gardens
For some reason "Die Weisse" has always had a cult status for people of all ages. The historic restaurant/brewery, whose name stands for a smooth wheat beer, also has the right "Stüberl“ for every taste: traditional with Swiss stonepine or ultracool in the "Sudwerk" – the bar with the demonstration brewery styled in modern industrial architecture. It regularly features live music and other events.
The Steinlechner - Jedermanns Wirtshaus restaurant is one of Salzburg's longstanding favorites, offering cozy alfresco dining under chestnut trees, an inviting bar and fine regional dishes.

Rounding off the evening in style
An outdoor dining area with a Mediterranean flair in the city's St. Andrew's District offers room for animated discussions and interesting encounters on warm summer nights. The Café Wernbacher has been a popular meeting point for Salzburg residents since the 1950s. The café has maintained the style and flair of a Viennese coffeehouse and is considered by the locals to be an absolute insider tip for those seeking to sate their appetites. Those following traces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart should visit the Hagenauerstube in the Old City located in Mozart's birthplace on the side facing the market.

Following a glass of wine at the sidewalk café or the elegant bar with its delectable snacks, browse through the spacious shop in the back: a successful combination of sales area and restaurant can be found at Wein & Co.

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