RSS Feed

Thanks to RSS, your computer automatically detects whenever a new article is available at www.salzburg.info.

This means you will be kept up to date and have the latest information on current events and offers in Salzburg.

To receive this information in the RSS format, you will either need a recent Internet browser or a so-called feed "reader".
Details on how to use this services is described below.

What is RSS?
RSS is a format enabling users to receive updated information supplied by Salzurg.info free of charge as so-called RSS feeds. The Internet browser or feed reader indicates whenever the contest has changed.

How do I benefit from RSS feed?

  • You always receive the latest information from Salzburg
  • You no longer need to search on the home page
  • Your Internet browser or feed reader indicates whenever content has been changed
  • You do not need to register
  • The news feed can be cancelled at any time

How do I receive RSS feed free of charge?
We generally recommend that you use your Internet browser to receive the latest news in a feed format. No additional software is required to take advantage of this service.


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