Long-established shops

Salzburg’s traditional handicrafts

The old town of Salzburg is a lively meeting place; one where people live and work. Many traditional handicraft businesses have been based in the city or very close to the world-famous Getreidegasse for generations.


Guild signs show the way

Those who shop here walk along paths, lanes and alleyways steeped in history. Some of the businesses and coffee houses welcomed regular guests as illustrious as the prince-bishops of Salzburg, the emperor, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself.


The Getreidegasse runs through the heart of Salzburg’s old town and has been a hub of activity for craftsmen and traders since the 14th century. The historical guild membership signs are an unmistakable hallmark of the city and provide evidence of centuries of tradition. The city administrator, ‘Das Magistrat’, even levies a tax on these guild signs; referred to locally as the ‘air tax’.


One of the 30 traditional businesses in the historical part of Salzburg, Schlosserei Wieber is actually responsible for producing these signs.


Perfect gifts with a historical background

Salzburg’s long-serving businesses have been providing supreme quality for several generations. Those who shop here can look forward to goods that have been popular for generations.


Salzburg’s most famous souvenirs, the ‘Original Salzburger Mozartkugel’, are produced by a long-established business. Approximately three million of them are sold exclusively by Café Fürst and associated shops every year.





Here’s a detailed list of long-standing boutiques and businesses!

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