Churches & Cemeteries in Salzburg

Salzburg – Rome of the North

Gazing across the rooftops at the numerous church towers and domes in the city of Salzburg it’s easy to see that Salzburg was heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. The buildings, domes and towers were built in the typical Austrian baroque style and helped Salzburg gain its reputation as the ‘Rome of the North’.


Visitors to the city of Salzburg have the opportunity to tour a great number of magnificent, well-maintained churches and hear the stories behind them.


Salzburg Cathedral – a unique highlight

Probably the most important piece of sacral architecture in Salzburg, and one of the city’s best-known landmarks, is the ‘Salzburger Dom’ cathedral with its magnificent facade and mighty dome. Destroyed by fire, rebuilt, enlarged and extended, it provides evidence of the power once held in the hands of Salzburg’s archbishops. Among the items most worthy of being seen in Salzburg cathedral are the breath-taking organ, the gates of the church and the font, once used to baptise Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The old monastery of Saint Peter

The Benedictine Archabbey of Saint Peter is the oldest monastery still in existence in the German-speaking areas. At the heart is a church with elaborate Rococo fixtures and fittings and, being set in such unique surroundings, the graveyard is one of the oldest and most beautiful places of rest in the world.

Celebrities, artists, intellectuals and merchants were laid to rest here: Santino Solari, Nannerl Mozart, Michael Haydn, Sigmund Haffner and many others. Another special feature of the Petersfriedhof graveyard is the early Christian catacombs hewn into the side of Monchsberg Hill and accessible all year round.

Salzburg: Churches as far as the eye can see

Sebastiansfriedhof graveyard, on the other side of the River Salzach, is also well worth a visit. It was built in the style of an Italian Campo Santo with a leafy pergola walkway. Within the graveyard visitors can also discover the grave of the Mozart family. What is probably the most magnificent grave in the Sebastiansfriedhof is the Gabrielskapelle, the mausoleum for Prince-Bishop Wolf Dietrich, gazing down upon the other resting places at the heart of the graveyard.


Or you may wish to visit Maria Plain, the Capuchin monastery or the Franciscan church. As you can see, Salzburg with such a rich variety of churches and graveyards, won’t leave you short of fascinating places to visit.

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