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Celtic Village Hallein

Celtic Village Hallein

Ramsaustr. 3
5422 Bad Dürrnberg
+436245 85285 11
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The Celtic Village is a reconstructed Celtic settlement, supplemented by buildings dating from the Middle Ages. It shows how miners lived and worked from Celtic times to the Middle Ages. Objects found during excavations on the Dürrnberg are on display in the Celts' wooden cabins. Jacob, one of the Salt Mine staff members, will discuss the origins of mining salt, the relations with Salzburg's archbishops, the time of emigration and about the Salt Office under Emperor Franz Josef.

Each cabin tells a different story from the life of the Celts. Listen to a Celtic discussion in the assembly house. See the Celtic prince lying on his chariot with weapons and rich grave furnishings in the tomb. A glance into the prehistoric tunnels will give you an idea of how difficult it was to mine salt in ancient times. Listen to the exciting history of Salzburg's salt mountain during a multivision show in the brine (salt) room. Stroll through the village and enjoy the magnificent view into the valley below.

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