Museums in the city of Salzburg

Salzburg's museums are much more than just a bad weather program

A museum used to be a repository for antique treasures and dusty objects. Today Salzburg's museums also offer educational programs with interactive exhibits.
The 20 museums in the city of Salzburg are extremely diversified, offering art, natural science and technology exhibits. Include cultural highlights in your next vacation and explore the City of Salzburg's treasures.
A visit to one of Salzburg's many museums is not only recommended on a rainy day. No matter if you're interested in natural science, art or technology – the museums offer something for everyone.
NEW since 2014: Salzburg's Cathedral Quarters
15,000 magnificent square meters – 2,000 stunning exhibits – 1,300 moving years. A tour of the Cathedral Quarters lets you explore a unique highlight in the heart of the city. History comes alive in the grand rooms while you enjoy impressive views of the city throughout the tour.
Between historical and contemporary sites – Salzburg's museums are impressive
You can retrace the history of the famous child prodigy when you enter Mozart's Birthplace in the famous Getreidegasse. Or opt to visit one of the best natural history museums in Austria, the "Haus der Natur," featuring 30 aquariums, a reptile zoo and a science center.
The walk up to the Museum of Modern Art on the Mönchsberg is not only rewarding for the unique view of the historic city center. And if you are a fan of the amber brew, an interactive tour of Stiegl's Brauwelt is an absolute must.
Experience the diversity of the local museums and explore the fascinating world of discovery and fun.


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