World Cultural Heritage Salzburg

Salzburg - A popular world cultural heritage city

Salzburg’s old town is rich in historical treasures. In 1997 Salzburg’s inclusion on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage sites was well deserved. Not only did the wonderful scenery and architecture thrill the UNESCO inspectors; it has always been also a pleasure to behold for the myriad visitors that walk around Salzburg every day.


In a unique location – The old town of Salzburg

Anyone who has wandered around the older parts of Salzburg will tell you that the historical area of the town is divided into two parts – the right bank and left bank of the city. The left bank of the River Salzach is the older of the two, some of the earliest evidence of settlements dating back to Roman times. Those wishing to go from one side of the city to the other can cross one of the numerous bridges that connect up the old part of town along the river: Nonntaler Brücke, Mozartsteg, Staatsbrücke, Makartsteg and Müllnersteg.
As well as enjoying a fantastic location on the banks of the river, the historic section of the city is also blessed with the charm of the verdant hills at the heart of the town, such as Mönchsberg Hill, from which Fortress Hohensalzburg watches over activities below. In just a few minutes visitors to Salzburg can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding postcard scenery from these hills.


The extraordinary architecture of the historical centre of Salzburg

The old part of Salzburg is home to a variety of architectural styles and treasures, protected not least by a number of conservation directives. Tucked away out of clear view, a stroll along the lanes, alleys and passageways can reveal buildings dating back to the medieval, romantic, renaissance and baroque periods, as well as the sophisticated, classical architecture of the homes belonging to the monarchy. There is hardly an epoch of historical note that has not left its mark within the city.


Sights in Salzburg

There’s no shortage of impressive architecture in Salzburg.

Some of the best-known sights on the left bank of the River Salzach are:

  • The Salzburg ‘Dom’ cathedral
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg
  • The Old Residence
  • Getreidegasse and Mozart’s birthplace
  • St. Peter’s Abbey and its impressive graveyard
  • The Franciscan Church
  • The University Church
  • The festival district of the city features the large festival hall, the ‘Haus für Mozart’ (previously known as the smaller festival hall) and the ‘Felsenreitschule’, hewn into the mountainside.

Wander around the old town of Salzburg and be sure to keep your eyes open! There are so many details to discover on a walk around this World Cultural Heritage city.


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