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Hunt im Schaubergwerk Berchtesgaden | © SWS AG

Salt Mine Tour

A journey to the origin of “white gold”: During the Salt Mine Tour, you will get to know the fascinating world and history of salt mining.

Salzburg’s White Treasure

Deep within the mountains which surround Salzburg, the former riches of the region still slumber: salt, known as “white gold”. The mines in Hallein and Berchtesgaden have been active for centuries. Today, they are a source of exciting adventures for visitors. Testimony to the distant past, they still tell the tale of the salt mines and the miners who toiled there.

Enthralling Ride into the Mine

Having arrived at the entrance to the salt mine, you will first be outfitted in the traditional overalls that are worn by miners. A small mine train will now take you deep inside the Salzberg. An experienced guide will show you the mine tunnels and explain salt-mining methods. This tour is an adventure for the whole family: long slides and a raft ride across a subterranean salt lake are absolute highlights of the tour.

Important Notice for Mine Visitors

Even in the summer months, you should come equipped with sturdy shoes and warm clothing. Deep underground, the temperatures always remain cool and the tour will last from one to one-and-a-half hours. If you are going on a tour to the salt mine in Berchtesgaden in Bavaria, always remember to bring along your passport, just in case it is requested by authorities at the German border.

Added Program Highlights

Depending on the tour operator, afterwards you might also have the opportunity to explore Lake Königssee or Berchtesgaden. During a stroll through this market town, you will be able to soak in the romantic atmosphere and sample a few Bavarian specialties.

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