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Art & Culture

Galleries in Salzburg

Measured by its land area (barely 66 square kilometers) and population (around 150,000), Salzburg is blessed with an unbelievable concentration of galleries. The visual arts definitely have a firm foothold in this “city of music”. Allow Salzburg to entice you, too, with the multifaceted visual pleasures of contemporary art!

Global Player – Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

a young man, Thaddaeus Ropac began with just a small showroom in the Kaigasse – though also with the unique gift of being able to win over major artists for his gallery. In the meantime, he has his main location at Villa Kast on Mirabellplatz as well as his HALLE for large-dimension sculptures and installations in Schallmoos, along with two galleries in Paris and the Ely House in London. The list of his artists reads like a “Who’s Who” of the international contemporary art scene, from Georg Baselitz and Tony Cragg, to Anselm Kiefer and Silvie Fleury.

Modernism as Tradition – Galerie Welz

The rooms of Galerie Welz have been located in Palais Kuenburg at No. 16 Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse since 1909. Since the 1930s, the city’s most tradition-rich private gallery has focused on Austrian and international works of classical modernism, with their artists including the likes of Karl Korab, Paul Flora, Max Ernst and Eva Bosch. Their own in-house art publishing company also puts out quite remarkable productions.

Perspective and Outlook – periscope

The term “gallery” is almost too narrow for the initiative which is pursued by “periscope”. In fact, the young Salzburg artists who run it – Elisabeth Schmirl, Laila Huber, Karin Peyker, Bernhard Lochmann and Stefan Heizinger – prefer to refer to it as a “project space”. At their No. 10 Sterneckstrasse location, they provide a platform for the development of already evolved projects as well as exhibition opportunities for young artists.

An Open Shutter – Fotohof

The folks at the Fotohof don’t see themselves as gallerists in the customary sense either: In 1981, Salzburg-based photo artists joined forces to create the Fotohof Association, in order to offer a robust platform for photography as a contemporary art form. And the space to do just that is provided by their – long since internationally renowned – gallery on Inge-Morath-Platz in Stadtwerk Lehen, where, in addition to exhibitions, they also offer workshops, lectures and an art library. Their own publishing house puts out books of photographic art as well as portfolio editions with signed original prints.

Going against the flow – Galerie Eboran

Even the address at No. 36 Ignaz-Harrer-Strasse, on the second floor of an office building with a restaurant below, makes it quite clear that Galerie Eboran walks to the beat of its own drum. Since the mid 1980s, you can see at Eboran pieces that clearly stand counter to the mainstream. Internationally established artists treasure this niche in the Salzburg gallery landscape; as yet unknown artists are often given their first chance by gallery director, Veronika Hitzl.

Solitary with Light – Galerie Ruzicska

Founding his gallery at No. 12 Faistauergasse, Nikolaus Ruzicska has never lost his focus: on contemporary light art, photography and experimental painting. The gallerist, born in Vienna, sees himself as a long-term companion and intensive mentor to individual artists, including established contemporaries like Brigitte Kowanz and Maurizio Nanucci, though also to numerous artists who are just embarking on their highly promising careers.