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Art & Culture

Salzburg’s Folk-Fashion Scene

The capital city of folkwear – a title that fits Salzburg to a T. When it comes to Alpine apparel, Salzburg is the place on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The people of Salzburg also make their own important contribution to the vibrant folk-fashion scene, sporting their folk outfits whenever the occasion permits.

Folkwear in Salzburg is the epitome of good taste and a proud expression of local roots. Whether for a performance of Jedermann at the Salzburg Festival or attending an actual folk event – dirndl dresses and lederhosen have an honored place in the wardrobes of many Salzburgers. When it comes to those kitschy, cheap imitations, people in the City of Mozart tend to turn up their noses just a bit. But even visitors to Salzburg love folk fashions that are authentic. After all, sporting a dirndl or leather pants, you do feel like you truly belong.

Roaming the city in folkwear

It isn’t at all rare for the locals to don their weekday folk attire for a stroll along the Getreidegasse, to browse the stands of the Grünmarkt or sit down for a leisurely cup of coffee. For weddings, church holidays or the Salzburg Festival, of course, it’s appropriate to bring out your “Sunday best”. That’s when silk dirndls and full suits are a must. A really encouraging trend: Young people have also (re-)discovered folk fashions for themselves. For them, too, it’s almost impossible to imagine going to the traditional “Raising of the Maypole” in Aigen, the Liefering Village Festival or the Rupertikirtag without an eye-catching dirndl or dashing lederhosen. And the latest hit: #Lederhosen Thursday, begun in 2013 by Georg Klampfer and Christian Eibl. Whether in Salzburg or New York, or any other corner of the globe where fans of “Lederhosen Thursday” happen to be drawn, Thursday is always the time to pull out a pair of those stylish leather pants.

The hotspots of folkwear culture

There is definitely no shortage of Shopping addresses in downtown Salzburg. Here you will find traditional manufacturers such as Gössl, Lanz, Hanna and Madl, folk-fashion designers like Susanne Spatt and Tanja Pflaum of Ploom, along with retailers including Stassny, Forstenlechner and Dollinger. One very special address is the Salzburg Heimatwerk, where you can purchase both finished pieces as well as folkwear fabrics. The doors of the Jahn-Markl workshop are open to everyone: Whether Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld (incidentally, an avid collector of men’s folk fashions) or Vivienne Westwood, the guest books of Jahn-Markl as well as Lanz testify to the fact that the biggest names of the fashion world once came to find inspiration here.

Experience craftsmanship in action

During your visit to Salzburg, you also have a unique opportunity to peek over the shoulders of fashion designers and manufacturers as they go about their work. Many shops don’t only feature ready-to-wear folk fashions, they also offer custom tailoring. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful souvenir.