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Shopping in Salzburg: the top addresses of a shopaholic

I shop therefore I am: In the city of Salzburg, countless addresses will quickly have your credit card glowing red. Fashion journalist Martina Müllner-Seybold reveals her Top-Five picks. A native of Salzburg, she has been on the road, both inside Austria and abroad, tracking down the latest trends in fashion and business.


I never fail to be astonished – and no doubt other regular customers of Dantendorfer feel the exact same way: Where on Earth did he find this label? Paris, Milan, Florence, Roy Dantendorfer has a reputation as a bit of a “truffle hunter” among fashion dealers. And that term is definitely not meant to be disrespectful. Quite to the contrary, it shows the high esteem in which his peers hold him and his infallible instincts for exciting labels. Dantendorfer ladies’, men’s and sportswear is located in the Getreidegasse, whereas bargain hunters might want to peruse their outlet store just beyond the Neutor.

Diva by Makole

The latest Gucci bag, Saint Laurent dress, or eveningwear from Talbot & Runhof? Marianne Köhler of Diva by Makole is Salzburg’s expert in luxury fashions. On three floors in Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse, she brings together the acme of international women’s fashions. Admittedly, the prices are not always “democratic” – but the newest it bag is also an investment after all, right? Refreshingly, this amiable Salzburg native has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground – a fact also reflected in the friendly service concept of the shop itself.


Michaela Schirlbauer’s fashion compass definitely points north: It is in Scandinavian countries that she finds the inspiration and labels for her fashion address Misc, which also recently added a men’s boutique. With many original style tips, she often manages to nudge customers out of their usual fashion comfort zone: In practically no time, she is able to conjure up outfits that bring a fresh-yet-affordable breeze to your wardrobe.

Young Rebels

Fashion-conscious moms know: Getting children into cool clothes can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge. Happily, the collection put together by Ines Hohensinn at her shop Young Rebels in the Rupertgasse couldn’t be further removed from all of those bear-print clichés. And frankly: You will probably be a little envious of the choices your kids have available to them: Whether sneakers by New Balance, jeans by Diesel or magical creations by Italian, Spanish and Scandinavian children’s designers – this is a place where Shopping is a joy, pure and simple.

Eibl on Kajetanerplatz

Fashion is something you should only get into if you feel a true passion for the business – Tanja Eibl definitely has plenty of that, and then some. The fact that her shop isn’t in the highest-traffic district makes Shopping at Eibl even more enjoyable: First enjoy a chat with the owner, then quietly browse through collections from the likes of Filippa K or Closed. It’s an experience you’ll only find right here.