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Art & Culture

Traditional Craftsmanship from Salzburg

Mozart, the Festival and “The Sound of Music” – it is fair to assume these are some of the first catchwords that come to mind when you think of Salzburg. But if we step away briefly from the highly touted landmarks, there are a number of less public, though equally unique aspects of this city that are definitely worth discovering – including Salzburg’s traditional manufacturers.

Finest leather created by a master’s hand

Anyone who has ever worn really good leather, knows that quality is not always easy to come by. Salzburg is home to two family businesses that have had a mastery of their particular craft for generations. One of them is Lederhaus Schliesselberger. Family owned since 1820, the team which owner Moritz Schliesselberger has assembled around him makes your dreams made of leather or fur come true. From tannery to finished product, everything originates from one source. Tradition plays a major role in all they do, clearly evident when you see the antique furniture and equipment which dot their historically listed house. Aside from leather products of unsurpassed quality, the firm also guarantees complete service: special orders, gift-wrapping, parking-fee refunds upon purchase, or perhaps merely a “recreational” visit to their store; appreciated by customers and guests alike. And their service team is prepared for all eventualities: When you are traveling, you can never predict whether a combination lock will jam or an overnight bag will break. But that’s precisely when Leder Schliesselberger is happy to jump in and save the day. A modern manufacturing business, where traditional craftsmanship still plays a central role.

A Salzburg Original

Lederhosen are often passed down from generation to generation. The older those leather pants are, the more beautiful and valuable they become – at least that’s the way it feels. And in some cases, you might even chance upon a bygone pledge of undying love! You see, here in Salzburg, the local lads have a tradition of scratching the name of a great love into the front flap of their lederhosen. Naturally, it is not rare for this to cause a spot of bother if the new “significant other” happens to unearth the name of the ex.
If you wish to own such a pair of trousers, we suggest paying a visit to the oldest tannery in Salzburg, located on Residenzplatz SquareJahn-Markl has been in existence since 1408. Once known for leather doublets and stockings, today they manufacture hunt wear and suede clothes, gloves and slippers, belts, along with folk outfits made of linen and loden. In most cases, using traditional craftsmanship and decorated with hand-embroidery. Upon request, also perhaps with a special dedication. As for those declarations of love we mentioned, well, that’s something you should probably add for yourself. Salzburg-style knee breeches, incidentally, are also available at Jahn-Markl for both men and women – including in a shade known as “antique black” – the same chosen by the emperor, when he had his trousers hand-tailored here over one hundred years ago. An original you won’t find anywhere else.

Aside from those two businesses, Leder Eisl is also well worth a visit. Since 1866, this family enterprise has guaranteed high-quality leather products. Repairs and leather cleaning are just two of the special services which they offer. Folk-fashion fans can also find custom-tailored lederhosen made with loving attention to every detail at their No. 46 Neutorstrasse address. Salzburg continues to value authentic craftsmanship to this day. It is a city in which tradition lives on through its numerous hand-manufacturing businesses. And it is those individual, small businesses – with a unique charm all their own – which help make the City of Mozart something truly extraordinary.