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City feeling

Beach Vibe in the City of Mozart

Salzburg in summer – what a dream it is! With the Festival, countless outdoor restaurants and the downtown historical district basking in the sunshine, it’s practically impossible to stay indoors. And surprisingly, perhaps, even for beach fans the city has lots to offer as well: Whether beach volleyball in the park, surfing the famous Alm Wave, or taking a sun bath at the Salzach river, the city is sure to make a big “splash” with you, too!

Salt Beach in the Volksgarten

You might find it hard to believe, but there actually is one: a “real” beach right here in Salzburg. It’s known as “Salt Beach”, aptly, and it entices guests from May until September with Caribbean sounds and a beautiful sandy beach. Areas for beach soccer, beach-volleyball courts, the Active Zone including a running trail along with a Chill Zone on the northern edge of the pond guarantee all the action and relaxation you can handle. A new events series called “Live in the Park means you can also look forward to a bit of culture: For four weeks in July and August, the Volksgarten is transformed into a hotspot for young people. The festival gets off to a pretty laid-back start, with Wednesdays reserved for open-air movies and picnics. But on the very next day, workshops, canoe polo and stand-up paddling already begin to heat up the action. If you’re in the mood to start the weekend with cool summer vibes, the DJ Lounge on Friday is probably the place to be. And for everyone who, despite a full night of partying, still hasn’t had their fill, well, how about strolling through the arts, crafts & vintage market on Saturday? In the final two weeks of the festival, music fans, in particular, are in for a real treat: Aside from Hip Hop and Breakdance workshops, visitors are transported back to the days of the Roaring 20s thanks to a “Retro Picnic” and swing-dance show. And as a special bonus: All of these offers are totally free!

The Salzach

Things along the banks of the River Salzach are at least as colorful as the Volksgarten. Salzburg’s very own river flows sedately through different parts of the city, past idyllic stretches of forest, beautiful homes and, of course, through the heart of the world-famous historical district. Countless squares, bridges and gentle hillsides invite you to get the most out of summer. Just a few minutes’ walk from the Volksgarten, on warm summer days you’ll find locals and visitors stretched out and soaking it all up. Whether musicians performing on the Überfuhrsteg, folks jogging alongside the river with views of the fortress, or simply relaxing in a café: The city is a bustling hive of activity at every time of day. In the evening especially, many tourists and Salzburgers like nothing more than to sit along the Salzach embankment, admire the sunset and allow their faces to be caressed by the day’s last rays of sunshine.

The Almkanal and the Standing Wave

If you are in the mood for something a bit sportier, we’d suggest hopping on to your bike and pedaling south on the unique bike path next to the Almkanal. The Almkanal is actually a manmade canal dating back to the 13th century, though you’d probably never notice at first glance. Once a vital supplier of fresh water to central Salzburg, today’s Almkanal is a great excuse for an excursion. But funnily enough, the Almkanal doesn’t just attract bike riders and people in the mood for a refreshing dip: Ever since the area of a standing wave was opened to the public, even those with a taste for added adventure are in for a real treat. Every day, passionate surfers gather here to indulge their passion far away from the ocean. What goes on there on the banks of this narrow canal is the absolute epitome of what we like to call the “urban beach feeling”.