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City feeling

Salzburg – a wonderland for children

When families travel, are bumps in the road unavoidable? Kid-friendly Salzburg ticks a bit differently to other places. In this City of Mozart, fun for big AND small is a big deal – and that goes for culture, too!

Salzburg knows what stressed-out parents dream of when it comes to their holidays. And with such a colorful variety of opportunities for recreation as well as culture, this city is proud to appeal to the tastes of every single family member. Fascinating sightseeing attractions and exciting events insure that boredom never stands a chance.

Fun and Adventure

The Toy Museum treats visitors to a wide spectrum of interactive experiences and one marvel after another. Many of the exhibits are deliberately kept at eye-level for children. This wondrous world invites you to look, but also to touch. In addition, youngsters and youngsters-at-heart are welcome to look at the different rooms of the museum as a kind of playground. A few meters removed, at the Haus der Natur, things take an even more adventurous twist. This is Salzburg’s biggest museum, located at No. 5 Museumsplatz, where explorers of all ages encounter a never-ending array of exciting exhibits. In the aquarium, eyes open wide in amazement as they peer into fascinating underwater worlds. The reptile zoo beguiles visitors with a number of rare snakes. And the absolute highlight: getting to experiment in Austria’s most intriguing and multifaceted science center. Great fun, indeed, especially for older children and teenagers.

The Joys of Puppeteering and Art

One particular theater focuses squarely on children, performing wherever there is an audience and an appropriate space. Offering different programs, the Friedburger Puppet Theater tours from one venue to another. They also appear on set dates at “Das Kino”, located at No. 11 Giselakai. Then there is ARTgenossen, a group dedicated to communicating contemporary art and culture. Based at No. 3 Hellbrunner Strasse, they offer workshops for children and teens, encouraging young minds to develop an individual approach to art – a process that simply can’t begin early enough.

Bring on the animals, and the water!

Hellbrunn is home to the biggest community of animals in the City of Mozart. In fact, over 1,000 wild creatures live here at Salzburg Zoo. The diversity extends far beyond continental boundaries – aside from European species such as ibex and brown bear, visitors also encounter the more exotic jaguars, lions and more. A few meters away, the city’s most beautiful “playground” of all invites guests to have a splashingly good time: The ever-popular Trick Fountains are located in the middle of the Hellbrunn palace grounds. Water-driven mechanical figures as well as sneaky water jets waiting in ambush guarantee a “refreshing” change of pace for the entire family – and not only on hot summer days.