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City feeling

Salzburg for Lovers

Lovers have things good in Salzburg: Here, romantic nooks and sentimental photo motifs entice couples to discover moments of pure enchantment. This small city has countless opportunities in store, which, in their intimacy, are simply more enjoyable than they would be in a big metropolis. Thus, adding a very special touch to a romantic holiday spent together.

Pure romance – Salzburg, the city of love

Even as you enter Salzburg, catching the first glimpse of Hohensalzburg Fortress, you sense it immediately: the magnetism of a proud and fascinating city. On the stages of this City of Mozart Tristan and Isolde have fallen hopelessly in love, while Romeo and Juliet have left the City of Mozart will many a bitter-sweet memory. In other words, Salzburg is the perfect place in which to celebrate love!

5 reasons why Salzburg is a city of love

The Photo Motif

You take your lover by the hand and head to the top of one of the local mountains to capture the magnificent panorama of the city. A photo such as this promises memories of this magical moment that will endure for countless years to come. And you will also encounter the very best shots and perspectives, as you roam through the narrow lanes of the Old City!

The Love Palaces

Salzburg – like many European cities – has a bridge bedecked with love locks. Originally the object of wry smiles, the Makartsteg has since developed quite a cult following. There at the Makartsteg, yet another romantic experience gets underway. Take a boat ride on the River Salzach and enjoy extraordinary views of this beautiful baroque city.

Pure Indulgence

"As sweet as love and as tender as a kiss" – this is how Salzburger Nockerl should taste. Have you ever tried to eat one on your own? It’s simply impossible. You need at least one partner.  Which makes this Salzburg specialty ideally suited for flirting! Naturally, the city’s many small, intimate restaurants and cafés also serve countless other culinary tidbits!

The Music

When you stroll the streets of Salzburg, you quickly realize that music can be heard practically everywhere in the Old City. For that unique touch of "Mozart, which every Salzburg visit calls for, we suggest attending one of the many concerts. Perhaps the most befitting of them all would be the concert series in the Marble Hall at Schloss MirabellThe Marble Hall isn’t merely a concert venue – its secondary function is as the most romantic wedding location in all of Europe.

The Seasons

A love trip to Salzburg doesn’t depend on the weather. A sleigh ride in winter, a cocktail caressed by the first rays of spring sunshine, Mirabell Gardens in its summer finery, or an autumn walk atop the city mountains – in Salzburg, you will find the perfect program for every occasion: Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday!


Romantic Holiday Packages
So, have we whet your appetite for a holiday in beautiful Salzburg? If so, we invite you to browse some of the various packages available.