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City feeling

Special City Tours

“Saddle up!” and away you ride, into a fascinating adventure! The best way to experience Salzburg’s narrow lanes and broad city squares is by bicycle – or, if you are so inclined, from high up in the air.

Salzburg is Austria’s fourth-largest city. Its historical district, with a unique charm that has stood the test of time, is particularly popular with visitors. If you want to experience the iconic ambience of the City of Mozart from a slightly different perspective, we would suggest going with a pair of wheels. Pedaling through the city gives your Salzburg visit that extra special “something”.

Discover the most beautiful spots powered by your own muscles

Salzburg is the most cyclist-friendly city in Austria. Because it isn’t only the locals who like to get around town by bike, there are also numerous opportunities for visitors to rent a bicycle. Pedal-pushers can get their tour off to a flying start by stopping by Citybike on Ferdinand-Hanusch-Platz. Simply go to their Bike Box, slide your card and pull out a bike. All kinds of sights and breathtaking architecture are waiting for you to discover. The focus is also on your own muscle power and lots of fun at Avelo on Willibald-Hauthaler-Strasse, as well as at Mobility System Austria, located close to Salzburg Main Station (Lastenstrasse). You can rent out a bike from Radsport Wagner in Zillnerstrasse for as little as EUR 20. And if you want to take your time exploring Salzburg, weekly bike rentals are also an option. As you can see, nothing at all stands in the way of an extended Salzburg safari on two wheels.

Kick back and take in the City of Mozart

For sightseeing in its most “civilized” and relaxed form, how about Salzburg Rickshaw Tours. Nimble rickshaw guides power the pedals, while their passengers simply enjoy the city views. These innovative vehicles can be found on Makartplatz and Residenzplatz squares. In front of the Residenz, on the other hand, is where Salzburg’s horse-drawn carriages, known as Fiakers, and their horses wait patiently for passengers. Once the exclusive privilege of the prince-archbishops, nowadays a fiaker ride is popular with everyone; a Salzburg institution that enchants big and small alike. The standard package costs EUR 185 for a leisurely 50-minute carriage for 4-5 people .

Above the Clouds of Salzburg

FlyMozart offers visitors an out-of-the-ordinary highlight: from a bird’s-eye perspective! A tandem flight with a paraglider is a one-of-a-kind experience, also possible for even small visitors to the Mozart metropolis to enjoy. In a matter of minutes, you will find yourself floating high above the most beautiful locations in this capital of culture – with fabulous alpine panoramas included.