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City feeling

The fascinating Haus der Natur!

Where in Salzburg are you greeted by the roar of a dinosaur when you walk through the door? At the Haus der Natur, of course, which attracts visitors with a compelling array of exhibits and interactive opportunities. Now’s the perfect time to embark on your personal natural-history expedition!

Dusty exhibits and hollow corridors are definitely a thing of the past! At No. 5 Museumsplatz in Salzburg, “museum fatigue” is certain never to be an issue.  In fact, visitors simply love being able to immerse themselves completely in the fascinating world of the Haus der Natur – excitement, fun and play are all guaranteed. That’s why this Salzburg institution is so very popular, and not only with tourists. Locals, too, really love the many different paths this natural history museum takes them down.

A Salzburg institution goes 21st century

Divided into 3 distinctive sections, the museum is as brilliant as it has ever been. As you take in today’s Haus der Natur, you would never imagine it was first established back in 1924. Actually, the museum moved to its current location in 1959. While remaining true to its natural-history focus and still maintaining a compelling collection of living creatures, the Science Center has now also grown into a real favorite of the public, too. We are glad to say that the museum has completely done away with the idea of visitors simply standing back passively and letting themselves be inundated with facts! Instead, a tour of the museum becomes an exciting journey through Earth history. As we suggested, things get started with the dinosaurs – their roars literally cause the primeval world to tremble. Pairs of eyes, big and small, are transfixed by the life-size animated replicas.

Staying connected with the animals

The ground floor of the Haus der Natur is home to one of the most beautiful aquariums in Central Europe. In darkened walkways, magical underwater worlds invite you to pause in wonder. The tanks are illuminated, revealing exotic fish species patrolling back and forth. Getting so close to these shy underwater creatures has rarely been this easy. The expedition continues: Two floors up, current and aspiring herpetologists and entomologists find what they had been hoping: The reptile zoo is the perfect place to quench their thirst for knowledge. Amid tropical temperatures appropriate to their species, the inhabitants stretch out languorously in their terrariums. Visitors interested in watching a feeding should check out the calendar of upcoming events.

Interactive journeys through the body and space

How do people actually work? You will find many answers to this puzzling question at an exhibition all about the human body. The moment you step through the circular entranceway, you will find yourself standing in front of the sensory organs. Oversized models invite you to touch and experiment. The interactively presented information breaks down the complex physical processes involved. In contrast, visitors have a chance to “space out”, so to speak, in the popular exhibition which looks out deep into the universe. Numerous models give us a sense of the unimaginable dimensions of our own solar system, while the “planetary scales” are particularly entertaining: It is actually quite astonishing to see just how much your own weight would vary traveling from one planet to another. By the way, which is your favorite planet?

Touch – Feel – See

The Haus der Natur is all about modern experiences. Needless to say, that also goes for the cutting-edge Science Center, where knowledge is combined with fervent passion for investigation, putting an excited gleam in everyone’s eye. Visitors can give free rein to their love for experimentation on many different levels. For example, how about hopping onto a pair of skis to see just how well you would manage to balance skiing downhill! And in the over-dimensional “mouth room”, big and small love nothing more than wielding the dentist’s drill. You can also explore principles of hydraulics and leverage through your own personal experiences. In fact, the hydraulic lift is one of the highlights of the interactive center: allowing “kids” of all ages to float effortlessly and weightlessly about the room, practically from floor to ceiling. This is a place where dreams come true – even those you might have thought were long forgotten.