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Summer in the City with two of Salzburg’s most popular bloggers

Salzburg’s blog world is vibrant and exciting. Whether lifestyle, fashion, food, interior design or fitness, bloggers cover practically every theme in our City of Mozart imaginable. We sat down with two blogger icons from Salzburg and asked them to share their thoughts about their adopted home. Carolina Hubelnig (“Ach du Gute Güte”) and Sonja Winkler (“Ginger in the Basement”) have been blogging for a number of years and were actually some of the first in Salzburg to venture into this new business.

What exactly motivated the two of you to begin blogging?

Sonja: In my case, I had always loved cooking and baking. My colleagues and family were constantly asking me, “How did you do that?” or “Will you jot down the recipe for me?” That’s why I decided, six years ago, to create a blog where I could publish all my recipes. At some point, total strangers began reading the blog, which I though was incredibly cool. And over time, the themes I was covering changed and expanded.

Carolina: I started out four years ago with a blog on interior design, which was something I had always enjoyed reading about myself. It didn’t take me long to realize, it isn’t so easy to write about interior design when you only have 70 m2 to call your own. That’s why, relatively quickly I wrote my first article about Salzburg. And I noticed that that was something a lot more people were interested in. So, I began focusing on that way more intensively and I’ve continued developing as a blogger over time. Now I blog about Salzburg, lifestyle, fashion, food, and much more besides.

The Salzburg Festival is a real magnet for visitors in summer. What are your personal hotspots during Festival season?

Sonja: Everyone who loves the glitz and glamor of the red carpet and international celebrities ultimately gravitates to the Hofstallgasse, the street that’s right in front of the Grosses Festspielhaus, where there’s always something to see. Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte is another absolute hotspot. People, me included, love to dress casually, snack on chips, and gather in this delightful outdoor setting to watch video broadcasts of Festival performances.

Carolina: If you’re into “people watching”, I’d definitely suggest popping into Restaurant Triangel to enjoy a bite to eat and check out the colorful crowd. Whenever there’s a high-profile premiere taking place, Furtwängler Park is a great place to hang out. There, you can plant yourself with a beer or, in keeping with the occasion, a flute of champagne, and watch as the likes of Anna Netrebko “own” that red carpet with such amazing grace.

Both of you blog regularly about dining out and top restaurants in the city. So, could you share a few of your personal favorites with us?

Sonja: Wow, tough question. Let’s see. For lunch, I really like going to the Carpe Diem, because they have a super midday menu. They serve you an elegant meal that’s definitely not run-of-the-mill, and it doesn’t cost a whole bunch either. And what’s also so great is, even though the food is fantastic, not many people even know about the place. As for the folks who work there, they are extremely polite and take excellent care of you.

Carolina: For my part, in the summertime I simply love being able to sit outside somewhere in the historic district. At the Geheime Specerey on Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse, you get a very good pasta and risotto. Incidentally, they also raise their own pigs, and they have a wine bar along with a deli with a selection of extraordinary products. Being able to sit down out in the fresh air just adds to the whole Mediterranean vibe of the location.

So, for you personally, what would be a perfect day in Salzburg?

Sonja: … it definitely starts with a good cup of coffee. And to get that, I’d probably head straight over to Kaffee Alchemie.

Carolina: I am really into museums. The Museum der Moderne, for example, often hosts fascinating exhibitions that are definitely work a second look. But Salzburg also has lots of really beautiful green spaces, where you can make yourself comfortable and unwind completely. As just one example, we like to go to the Glanspitz, close to where the Glan flows into the River Salzach. It’s a great place to plant yourself and hang out close to the water, maybe even enjoy a small picnic. Salzburg definitely has no shortage of photogenic places, from Mirabell Gardens to that iconic fortress. In the evening, we love to go out for cocktails, especially at the “Little Grain”, where they have a really good selection of gin & tonics.