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Mirabell garden in Spring in Salzburg | © Tourismus Salzburg

10 Reasons to travel to Salzburg in 2018

In the mood for a rather different kind of city trip? If so, it’s time to make plans for your visit to Salzburg! And it won’t just be Salzburg "rookies" who are in for a few surprises in 2018 either: This year, even true Salzburg veterans can look forward to a very special highlight.

Experience Salzburg during 2018

If you ask visitors from around the world about their most memorable Salzburg experiences, it’s fair to assume that practically every one of them will mention W. A. Mozart at some point or other. In addition to that famous wunderkind, the Salzburg Festival also manages to capture the hearts of countless guests. But Salzburg is well worth the journey here, not only culturally but also culinarily. Where else, after all, are you served up snowy mountains as a dessert? Probably the biggest highlight awaiting Salzburg visitors in 2018 will be the festivities accompanying the 200-year anniversary of the beloved Christmas song "Silent Night! Holy Night!"

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