Salzburg Festival

The very best operas, plays and concerts
Jul 21 - Aug 31, 2017

World famous and a cultural high point - year for year; that’s the Salzburg Festival. In the summer the Salzburg Festival transforms the city of Mozart into one immense stage – for several weeks.


On the grand opening night of a performance Hofstallgasse, the road outside the large festival hall, is packed with luxury limousines. International stars such as Anna Netrebko, Rolando Villazón and Riccardo Muti attract opera, concert and theatre lovers and high society concert-goers to Salzburg.


Since its inception in 1920 the Salzburg Festival it has been famed for the supreme quality of it musical output, the commitment of the international performers and the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Every year more than 200 events are held during July and August, and these are attended by a total of over 250,000 guests.


Enjoy some great moments in the summer at the Salzburg Festival

The most renowned event of the Salzburg Festival period is the morality play ‘Everyman’. When the weather’s good it is performed on Domplatz square against the magnificent background of the cathedral entrance. The voices of Everyman herald the opening of the summer festival. Numerous operas and concerts contribute to the prominence of one of the world’s most sophisticated music festivals. Unique venues such as the Large Festival Hall, the mountainside Felsenreitschule or the House for Mozart give the performers a perfect stage upon which to thrill and entertain the multitudes, year for year.


If you don’t manage to obtain tickets there’s always the Siemens Festival>Nights on Kapiteplatz square, featuring large screen outdoor showings of the great opera and concert evenings over the years, and of current performances during the festival.


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