The Sound of Music

Salzburg provides the film backdrop for a global hit

Five Oscars, moving songs and a worldwide community of fans; that’s ‘The Sound of Music’. It’s one of the most popular cinematic offerings ever, and is inextricably linked with Salzburg and its music. In 2015 "The Sound of Music" celebrates its 50th anniversary!


Explore the places featured during the filming of the lives of the Trapp family – on the Sound of Music tour. Enjoy the ‘Dinner Show’ featuring all the best-known songs or watch a performance in the Salzburger Marionettentheater puppet theatre.


3 factors that ensured ‘The Sound of Music’ was a worldwide hit:

  • The story in the film is based on actual events. It’s a moving and emotional story that almost feels like a fairy-tale
  • It features majestic countryside scenery and the beautiful backdrop of the city of Salzburg
  • and the great actors supporting Julie Andrews.

From nun to nanny

As we’ve mentioned, the film was based on a true story. Maria von Kutschera was born in Vienna. Later she was a novice in waiting at the Benedictine cloister on Nonnberg Hill in Salzburg. However, her abbess sent her to look after the seven children of the widower, Baron Georg Ritter von Trapp, as a governess.


However, not long after Maria married the Baron and at the beginning of the 1930s she founded a family choir with which she gave numerous concerts. Following the Austrian ‘Anschluss’ with Germany in 1938 the family fled from Austria, and from this time on they were wholly dependent upon their musical activities as the only source of income. Ultimately the Trapps reached the USA and in 1941 in Vermont (Stowe) they purchased a farm, which over the years was developed into the Trapp family lodge.

On the trail of the Trapp family

Maybe you’ve also dreamed of following in the footsteps of Maria von Trapp. On your visit to Salzburg, seize the opportunity to visit the locations used for the filming of the ‘The Sound of Music’ and enjoy the world famous songs at the unforgettable ‘Dinner Show’.

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Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein Today in 1966 at the 38th Annual Academy Awards, The Sound Of Music starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture! The Academy Award winning film returns to the big screen tomorrow and on April 22nd with Fathom Events for a special engagement to celebrate the #SOM50th and tickets are still available at! LIKE this image if you will be attending a screening of the #SoundOfMusic tomorrow!
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Carmike Cinemas - Valley Bend 18 + IMAX Carmike Cinemas - Valley Bend 18 + IMAX Join us tomorrow or Wednesday for a special showing of The Sound Of Music in celebration of its 50th anniversary! Get your tickets
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Muvico Parisian 20 & IMAX Muvico Parisian 20 & IMAX Watch For It: During "I Have Confidence," in The Sound Of Music ('65), Julie Andrews trips. She did so entirely by accident. Director Robert Wise thought the stumble a perfect reflection of Maria's nervousness and kept the moment in the film. We're working with our friends at Fathom Events to share screenings of THE SOUND OF MUSIC ('65) this Sunday, April 19 & next Wednesday, April 22. Purchase tickets at & . #SOM50th
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The Sound Of Music The Sound Of Music Today in 1966 at the 38th Annual Academy Awards, The Sound Of Music starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer won 5 Oscars, including Best Picture! The Academy Award winning film returns to the big screen tomorrow and on April 22nd with Fathom Events for a special engagement to celebrate the #SOM50th and tickets are still available at! LIKE this image if you will be attending a screening of the #SoundOfMusic tomorrow!
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Paddi Akula Paddi Akula Awesome moments and great picture.
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Kim Vanderhoff Kim Vanderhoff Best musical ever made!!
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Speedy Ladan Speedy Ladan the children have grown up so much, esp the lil one. all looking wonderful :)
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Julie Cathcart Riddle Julie Cathcart Riddle Seeing it Wednesday with my 3 kids! Can't wait!
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Ruth Compton Ruth Compton Love this movie
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Nicole Eller Biggs Nicole Eller Biggs Tiffany Keating Hall, Brittany Keating, April Keating Westmoreland
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Laura Towne Laura Towne Michelle L Plude Do you want to go see this with me at Milford Mall tomorrow afternoon - 2 pm show??? Tickets are $9
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Dan McSweeny Dan McSweeny Sharon LeVasseur McSweeny, Sammi Ogar, Judi LeVasseur Ogar! Tomorrow at 2...can't wait!
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Rebecca Ann Steele Saltsman Rebecca Ann Steele Saltsman My favorite movie! Saw it as a small child when it came out and seeing it again in the theatre!!
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Darlene Gillett Darlene Gillett I played Gretel in the first grade
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Elena Chaves Elena Chaves yes its my favorite
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Eileen Sampson Roys Eileen Sampson Roys Christopher Plummer was so handsome in the film that he made me forget all about Robert Redford!
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Cindy Anderson Mitchell Cindy Anderson Mitchell I wish I could. Would be grand to see it on the big screen again.
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Beth Gough Eubanks Beth Gough Eubanks Best. Movie. Ever!!
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Elizabeth Young Elizabeth Young Tiffany Gilbert, I going to see the move tomorrow with my daughter. I am so excited.
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Charlene Costello Wellborn Charlene Costello Wellborn My dad went to high school and did a performance with the Baroness.
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