Salzburg Beer Culture

Salzburg’s beer culture – Between tradition and modernity

Beer has been brewed in the city of Salzburg for over 600 years – for the enjoyment of   savouring the results, and with a watchful eye to ensure quality and purity. Many beers were established – rich in tradition – by breweries now rich in history.


The first breweries laid the foundations for the young and creative brewers that have been livening up Salzburg’s beer brewing scene for decades.


Austria’s beer capital: Salzburg


For many people, Salzburg is Austria’s secret capital city of beer as there are numerous (11) micro-breweries and in-house breweries that contribute to the immense variety of beer available in Salzburg.

Salzburg has ten breweries in and around the outskirts of the city. There’s the market leader – Stiegl, the long-serving and well-known Augustiner Bräu at the monastery in Mülln, the Weißbierbrauerei or the only BIO brewery in the world - the Salzburg ‘Gusswerk’.


These breweries produce the very finest beers and celebrate the experience of enjoying them.

  • Modern brewing skills
  • Unique hands-on museums
  • Innovative, new and special beers


Connoisseurs and lovers of beer can discover even more fascinating aspects of beer in seminars, on brewery tours, during tours of the old town or as part of a training course for budding beer sommeliers.


Breweries in the town of Salzburg from 1404


1408    The ‘Prewhaus’ starts life at the east gate – production of Peter Zeyser beers
            The existence of the Gablerbräu brewery is mentioned for the first time.

1414    Mödlhammerbräu at 26 Getreidegasse first documented

1437    Michael and Martha Laubinger brew beer at the Höllbräu brewery in Judengasse.

1472    Hanns and Dorothea Gugler brew beer in the Guglerbräu brewery at Judengasse 3.

1492    Stieglbrauerei mentioned for the first time.


Come to Salzburg – Austria’s secret capital city of beer – to explore the history of one of the oldest beverages known to mankind; and one that never loses any of its fascination.


Find out about the breweries in and around Salzburg. Spend an entertaining afternoon or evening in a pub or a beer garden, and actively experience the culture of beer in Salzburg!
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