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Salt Mine Berchtesgaden

Salt Mine Berchtesgaden

Bergwerkstraße 83
83471 Berchtesgaden
+498652 6002 0
+498652 6002 60

Experience an astonishing subterranean world   

“White gold” has been mined at the Berchtesgaden salt mine without interruption since 1517. Since 2007, it has offered innovative visitor experiences unlike any other mine in the world! Visitors are taken on an adventurous guided tour into the very depths of the Salzberg mountain. Before entering the mine, you will be outfitted in functional overalls – for good reason, since the temperatures inside the mine are a constant +12° C.


Highlights of the Salzberg

During the tour, which lasts about one hour, the train covers a distance of some 1400 meters. The main attractions of the salt mine include

  • the 36 meters-long miners’ slide  
  • a ride across “Mirror Lake”, a subterranean salt lake  
  • the “Salt Cathedral”

On a total area of 6,000 m², you will encounter impressive multimedia installations. An unforgettable adventure for big and small!


Explore the world of salt above ground  

Above ground, too, the Berchtesgaden salt mine promises intriguing experiences for explorers and interested visitors. Beginning at the salt mine itself, a saltwater pipeline leads down a 150-meter tunnel to the town center of Berchtesgaden. Where many other attractions await!


A popular excursion destination close to Salzburg

Only about 20 kilometers from Salzburg City, Berchtesgaden salt mine is an ideal family excursion opportunity close to Salzburg. And actually one of Bavaria’s top attractions, though a must-see for Salzburg visitors as well! The mine can easily be reached using public transportation: Take the No. 840 bus and get off at the “Salzbergwerk” stop.

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