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Schloss Klessheim - Casino Salzburg

Schloss Klessheim - Casino Salzburg

Schloss Klessheim
5071 Wals-Siezenheim
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Klessheim Palace

Archbishop Johann Ernst Thun purchased the small aristocratic estate just outside the city of Salzburg at the end of the 17th century. He commissioned Fischer von Erlach to build an elegant palace between 1700 and 1709, completely influenced by the north Italian Mannerist style. The palace, originally named "Favorita," was not completed long after the archbishop's death in 1709. Archbishop Leopold Anton von Firmian, who also built Leopoldskron Palace, had Klessheim Palace completed in 1732, severely curtailing the original plans.

A virtual pleasure palace
Klessheim Palace has a very grand and inspiring appearance: the entrance with the magnificent Triton Fountain, the loggia, entrance hall and staircase perpetuate some of the baroque splendor of the past. A reclining stag, its antlers studded with gold stars, is found on a pedestal at each entrance ramp, reminiscent of Archbishop Firmian's coat of arms. The stucco on the inside is the work of Paolo d'Allio and Diego Francesco Carlone, created to plans by Fischer von Erlach.

Klessheim Palace in the recent past
Adolf Hitler took over Klessheim in 1938 and used it for political receptions and summit meetings, e.g. with Benito Mussolini and Miklós Horthy. He had the sandstone eagles at the entrance doors redesigned in the style of the Third Reich at this time. Klessheim Palace was also used for military presentations and parades. In 1945 the palace was occupied by the Allied troops for their victory celebrations, afterwards it was used by the American occupation forces.

Cavalier House and park
During the Austro-Hungarian monarchy the palace was owned by Archduke Ludwig Viktor from 1866. He commissioned the architect, Heinrich von Ferstel, to build the so-called winter palace, the Cavalier House.
The palace park, surrounded by a high wall with 11 warder houses, originally consisted of three gardens separated by walls: the Meierhof garden (kitchen garden), the ornamental garden and the pheasant garden (hunting garden).

Salzburg Casino
The elegant rooms of Klessheim Palace have been used by Salzburg Casino since 1993. Opened on July 1, 1934, the casino was originally located in Mirabell Palace and after 1950 at Café Winkler on the Mönchsberg. Initially only a temporary venue, the casino in Klessheim Palace attracted so many guests that Casinos Austria decided to maintain the venue for the time being. Visitors appreciate the juxtaposition of baroque art and modern gambling that gives the casino its special flair.
The casino currently features 5 American roulette tables, 5 Black Jack tables, 2 Easy Hold'em poker table, 7 poker tables, a tropical stud poker table, 21 easy roulette and 156 slot machines.

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