Squares & Streets in Salzburg

Salzburg’s squares have their own charm and flair

Sometimes the best way to get to know a city is to savour a cup of coffee out on one of its best-known squares, or wander along the streets and lanes on the lookout for the myriad historical details.


There are so many beautiful places in Salzburg – town squares, streets and lanes. Each famous in its own right, each with its own individual charm.


Since 1996 the historical centre of Salzburg has been on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, not least due to the numerous spacious town squares and a multitude of busy lanes and quaint passageways, some relatively unknown.

The most famous, unique and splendid squares and roads in Salzburg

Getreidegasse is Salzburg’s best-known Shopping street and owes its charm to the tall, narrow, huddled-together buildings; and to the quaint and alluring shops and boutiques with elegant wrought iron guild signage. It’s also popular due to the romantic interior alleys, passageways and inner courtyards that so often reveal hidden treasures. Go and see for yourself!


Herbert-v.-Karajan-Platz square is home to the splendour and beauty of the Pferdeschwemme horse watering station. Wander on to Alter Markt square which is surrounded by several stately townhouses. The narrowest building in the old part of town is a popular curio at a width of just 1.42 metres, next door to the famous Tomaselli Caféhaus. Then, on to Mozartplatz! To create this square, now adorned with a Mozart monument in the middle sculpted by Ludwig Schwanthaler, the city fathers authorised the demolition of 55 medieval buildings.


Astounding places at the heart of the city of Salzburg

Residenzplatz is a particularly splendid square, bordering on the New Residence palace with the Glockenspiel, guarded at one side by the magnificent Dom cathedral, and also by the Old Residence, and by a solid facade of bourgeois houses – which today are home to shops, a bakery and a café. At the centre is what is considered the city of Salzburg’s most attractive water source - the Residence Fountain.  


Domplatz square is just through the stone arches from Residenzplatz and, in the summer during the festival, the cathedral square hosts the famous ‘Everyman’ morality play. In winter Domplatz is the venue for Salzburg’s popular and well-known Christkindlmarkt Christmas market.

Take in the many moods and features of the baroque city of Mozart and fall in love with the quaint lanes, passageways and squares of the city.

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