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Mozart's Birthplace

Mozart's Birthplace

Getreidegasse 9
5020 Salzburg
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Salzburg’s ‘Wunderkind’ – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – was born in what is known as the ‘Hagenauer House’ at no. 9 Getreidegasse on the 27th January 1756. He lived there with his sister ‘Nannerl’ and his parents until 1773. Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’ now houses a museum open all year round.

Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart lived on the third floor of the ‘Hagenauer House’ at no. 9 Getreidegasse for a total of 26 years, from 1747 to 1773. The house was named after its owner, the merchant, purveyor of spices and friend of the Mozart family, Johann Lorenz Hagenauer. On the 27th January 1756 it became the birthplace of the now world famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Museum in Mozart’s Geburtshaus in the Getreidegasse

In 1880 the International Mozarteum Foundation set up the first museum in Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’. Over the decades it has undergone a systematic process of remodelling and expansion and it is now a place of cultural interest that attracts thousands of visitors to Salzburg from all over the world. Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’ has earned its status as one of the most frequently visited sights and places of interest in Austria.

Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’ guides guests through the original rooms in which the Mozart family lived and presents a range of artefacts, including historical instruments, documents, keepsakes and mementos, and the majority of the portraits painted during his lifetime. One such example is the unfinished oil portrait painted by Mozart’s brother-in-law Joseph Lange in 1789 – ‘Wolfgang Amade Mozart at the piano’. Among the most famous exhibits are Mozart’s childhood violin, his clavichord, portraits and letters belonging to the Mozart family.

The musical instruments exhibited in Mozart’s Geburtshaus were passed on from Mozart’s widow, Constanze Nissen, through her sons Carl Thomas and Franz Xaver Wolfgang, and are now owned by the International Mozarteum Foundation.

Special exhibitions every year in Mozart’s ‘Geburtshaus’

Every year, on the first floor of Mozart’s birthplace and first home, the International Mozarteum Foundation showcases a year-long exhibition on the subject of ‘Mozart’.

The three current exhibitions were set up by the architect and caricaturist for the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper, Thomas Wizany. Mozart’s original instruments and authentic portraits take centre stage. The displays also feature typical everyday furniture and objects used by Mozart’s contemporaries.

  • ‘The everyday life of a Wunderkind’
  • ‘Mozart at the theatre’
  • ‘Introducing... The Mozarts’

The typical family home during the Mozart era is a feature of the museum

In 1985, at the rear end of the building facing Universitätsplatz square, a typical Salzburg family abode of the age has been installed in the apartment that had previously been home to Mozart’s neighbours. The home features typical furniture and everyday objects, and highlights three themes: ‘Mozart and Salzburg University’, ‘Mozart’s Friendships with Salzburg Families’ and ‘Church Music and Saintly Veneration’.


Good to know: Grocery store in Mozart’s Geburtshaus

Visitors often ask why there is a grocery store in such a venerable location. However, very few people are aware the building accommodated a small purveyor back in the days of Mozart. Now, where the Mozart family were once customers, there is a small Spar shop that specialises in produce from the Salzburg region and in exquisite souvenirs, such as the original chocolate coated marzipan ‘Mozartkugeln’ bonbons made by Fürst confectioners; or original Augustiner brewery beer, otherwise only available from the Augustiner Bräu monastery brewery. The shop is open every day of the week.


Opening hours 2015:
Daily 9 am-5:30 pm*
July, August: daily 8.30 am-7 pm*
December 24: 9 am-3 * pm
*last entrance 30 min. before closing

Guided Tours by prior arrangement.
Mozart’s Birthplace is not wheelchair-accessible.

Admission Fees 2015:
Adults € 10.00
Children (6-14 years) € 3.50
School groups (6-18 years) per person € 3.50
Youths (15-18 years) € 4.00
Groups of 10 adults or more, students, senior citizens € 8.50
Families (2 adults and children under 18) € 21.00
Handicapped persons (certificate of disability necessary) € 8.50, escort free
One time free admission with the Salzburg Card!

Combined ticket: Residence and Birthplace
Adults € 17.00
Children (6-14 years) € 5.00
School groups (6-18 years) per person € 5.00
Youths (15-18 years) € 6.00
Groups of 10 adults or more, students, senior citizens € 14.00
Families (2 adults and children under 18) € 36.00
Handicapped persons (certificate of disability necessary) € 14.00, escort free
One time free admission with the Salzburg Card!


Mozart´s birthplace in Salzburg

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