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Music in the blood: Gernot Haslauer

He has performed for “Jedermann”, played in various ensembles and even created some of his own. Salzburg native Gernot Haslauer is a full-blooded musician if there ever was one. Which also has a lot to do with his family.

Musical Family Haslauer

It is fair to say: love for music is something that Gernot Haslauer grew up with. His father played trombone, his mother regularly plucked away on the zither at Christmas time. And his two older brothers, Heini and Bernd Haslauer, have both mastered the trumpet. In addition, the entire Haslauer family loves to sing together – and brother Heini is also director of the Salzburg choir “Salto Vocale” in his free time. No wonder, then, that Gernot came into contact with all kinds of musical instruments as a child. Though he doesn’t recall the very first one; he was simply too young. “I assume I hammered out a few notes on the family piano”, Gernot says with a sly grin.

“Actually, I wanted to drive an excavator”  

Although you might assume Gernot had always wanted to be a musician, even as a youngster, you’d be wrong. In fact, his career plans couldn’t have been much more different. “I wanted to drive an excavator”, the Salzburger reveals with a laugh. “My dad used to have a small construction company. Which meant, there were always building sites with lots of tools, ditches and piles of sand. In other words, perfect playgrounds for a kid!”

“Miles Davis just needs two notes and he’s right on the money”  

Nonetheless, his love for music eventually prevailed over his fascination for excavators, construction equipment etc. “Because both of my brothers played trumpet, I wanted to do the same thing, naturally”, says Gernot. “Later, other instruments came along, including the string bass and trombone.” He enrolled at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and at Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, studying bass, trumpet and composition until 2017. Gernot says he has many musical role models. “But my favorite was always Miles Davis. He just needs two notes and he’s right on the money.”

Jazz and Incidental Music

Today, Gernot is one of the most sought-after performers in the city of Mozart, where he lives and works as a freelance musician. He plays in his own groups including “Hausmusik for Coulin” as well as ensembles such as the “Lungau Big Band” and “Juvavum Brass & James Morrison”. As a musician for the stage, he has also been involved in several theatrical productions put on by the group “theater ecce”. As cofounder of the Jazzit Stage Orchestra, you will regularly bump into him at the Jazzit in Salzburg. Gernot is also a member of “Ballaststofforchester Salzburg”, an orchestra which has specialized in the film, dance and entertainment music of the 1920s and 30s. In 2013, he was engaged as an incidental musician for the Jedermann production during the Salzburg Festival.

Mountains, jazz and the campground in Aigen

As you can see, this musician has his hands full. But what does this 37-year-old do whenever he does actually manage to squeeze in a day off? Does he have a favorite spot somewhere in Salzburg city? “Yes, the campground in Aigen. I love to spend time out there”, says Gernot. For him, a perfect day is very down to earth: “It’s hard for me to imagine anything better than spending a day in the mountains with nice people, then listening to some great jazz in the evening”, explains Gernot, adding with a smile: “Or I play myself.” After all, it is in his blood.