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Your tastebuds are ready to party, your senses rejoice and, for the most part, your eyes and mouth are agape with amazement. This is the special ‘Hangar-7-Effect’ that overcomes you the second you step into this glass palace at Salzburg Airport.

“How cool is this?!” That’s probably what still goes through the creative minds that stood behind the Hangar-7 concept. Originally, this imposing architectural wonder right next to Salzburg Airport was constructed for the Flying Bulls – the private squadron of painstakingly restored historic aircraft owned by Dietrich Mateschitz; the same Mateschitz who turned a high-powered energy drink into a worldwide brand. In October 1999, Salzburg architect Volkmar Burgstaller was entrusted with planning the project. Four years later, Hangar-7 opened its glass doors. Just another modern aircraft hangar? No! Hangar-7 is a vibrant Meet & Greet for art, lifestyle and top-flight gastronomy – an absolute insider tip, and not just for high society.

Vroom, vroom, vrooooooooom!

If only in your imagination, the smell of kerosene hangs in the air of Hangar-7. As you walk through the glass doors into the giant hall, you won’t be able to mask your amazement. Like a filigree firmament, the transparent dome spans the imposing private fleet of legendary airplanes, helicopters, along with Formula One cars and motorbikes, all of which visitors are able to admire up close and personal. Not just a “guy thing” either: The mere sight of this location is guaranteed to intrigue and excite everyone. 1200 tons of steel and 380 tons of customized glass conjure up fabulous effects: Depending on the time of day, they immerse the Hangar in different lighting moods and vie with the actual exhibits themselves to capture your attention. Those hunting for an out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic kick, will find what they are looking for on three catwalks. They reach out across the hall, offering visitors boundless new perspectives – including matchless panoramas of the Salzburg mountains.

Hangar-7 gives you wings

Three words say it all: Meet & Greet. Between the winged and motorized exhibition pieces, artists and art connoisseurs gather to share their thoughts. Indeed, even though we would barely have imagined it possible, art functions really well in this mechanized milieu. Maybe that has something to do with the magnificent glass construction. Who knows? Or perhaps the iconic combination of art and technology, which melds so seamlessly at Hangar-7. From the Flying Bulls, your path leads directly to photographs, sketches and contemporary pieces by acclaimed artists. Yet again, the lighting produces marvelous special-effects. High time, in other words, to check out the Hangar-7 calendar for their latest temporary exhibition!

Delectable intermissions

With so much to see and marvel at, at some point you are bound to work up an appetite. Happily, various trendy dining opportunities are just a few steps away: from a quick espresso in the Carpe Diem Lounge – Café (after all, the exhibition is still waiting for you) to a latte macchiato in the airy Outdoor Lounge (also a great opportunity to catch a few rays) as well as hip cocktails at the Mayday Bar & Threesixty Bar (ideal, day and night, whether for a soft landing or a pulse-pounding takeoff). When it comes to delectation, the Ikarus offers a very special culinary highlight. Just like the mythological figure himself, this eponymous restaurant is also inclined to flights of fancy, though only of the culinary variety, of course. In fact, every month a different international top chef is invited to Hangar-7 for that very purpose. No matter whether traditional, fusion or molecular cuisine – long live variety! Curious to know who’s going to be cooking next? We’ll be glad to share our secret with you. Bon appétit!