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The perfect moment to savor the wondrous Christmas world of St. Peter’s

Nowhere else in the world is there anything quite like Advent in Salzburg! From Advent Singing to romantic Christmas markets and special guided Christmas tours, during the run-up to Christmas this city of Mozart becomes a veritable magnet for visitors. However, if you are yearning to get away from the typical Advent hotspots in search of some peaceful seclusion, you might consider visiting our personal insider tip this Advent – Weihnachtswunderwelt St. Peter.

Advent atmosphere amid historic walls

The very moment we step through the historic arched gateway, decorated with lush green fir branches, we are enveloped in a much gentler Christmas atmosphere. Now standing in an arcaded courtyard, we are immediately struck by the lovingly trimmed Christmas trees, bows and lanterns. Wooden reindeer and stylish Advent wreaths transform this 500 m² courtyard, surrounded by thick walls, into a cozy Christmas living room. Across the way, we catch sight of a wooden table, still unoccupied, all decked out with fir branches and candles. Without a moment’s hesitation we make a beeline over there, since snug, comfortable corners like these are hard to come by!

Enjoyment for the ears

Just as we are about to take our seats and wrap ourselves up in the cozy woolen blankets, the Leopoldskron brass ensemble strikes up their first note. The lady at the table next to ours tells us that these musicians perform here every evening starting at 6 o’clock. From traditional folk melodies to Christmas classics such as “Silent Night”, in combination with the quiet reverence befitting this special time of year, we are utterly entranced by the trumpet, trombone, tuba et al. The only thing missing now to raise this Advent feeling to pure perfection is a toasty mug of mulled wine.  

The fragrance of mulled wine wafting in the air

“What can I offer you?”, beams the trimly dressed lady at the tasting stand. Naturally, we order some mulled wine, trustee favorite of the Advent season. We are overcome by a soothing wave of warmth as the first mouthful of this sweet, hot beverage trickles down our throats. Aside from mulled wine, the tasting stand at Weihnachtswunderwelt St. Peter also offers hot cider, classic punch and an array of delectable goodies including sourdough bread with bacon, various spreads, and a local form of potato salad known as Erdäpfelkas. That said, “Prost!” and enjoy your snacks!

Dining with flair

After spending a couple of hours in the festive ambience of the courtyard, we are starting to get chilled to the bone. Definitely good reason, if we needed one, to pay a visit to the “St. Peter Stiftskulinarium” restaurant, the entrance to which is right next to the mulled-wine stand. The tastefully decked-out Advent decorations, here in what is believed to be the oldest restaurant in all of Europe with a history that goes back to the year 803, are astonishingly beautiful. Making it more special still: Each dining room and hall features its own very individual Christmas décor, very much in keeping with the furnishings. And how could we fail to mention the food itself, of course, which does absolute justice to its gourmet “2 toque” rating. We order one of the exquisite full-meal menus, savor every moment of the first-class service we receive and realize quite quickly: the Christmas World of St. Peter’s and the Stiftskulinarium are indeed the perfect location to spend an utterly successful evening during Advent. Far enough away from the bustling Salzburg historic district, yet still very much in the heart of it all.

More information and the opening hours of the Weihnachtswunderwelt St. Peter.