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Water. Hops. Malt. And lots of adventure.

Everybody knows what it feels like to be on holiday, when the weather’s dreadful and you have to search for something to do. As a dedicated team, we are constantly hunting for answers and this time we would like to present to you a very special establishment: Stiegl-Brauwelt. (And just for the record, they’re also open in good weather, too!)

In the middle of the action.

Bad weather – what to do now? It’s nothing out of the ordinary for Salzburg visitors to encounter persistent rain. Which means, you might have to decide if you’re more in the mood for a café or a museum. Sound boring? Quite the contrary! If it embraces new ideas and concepts, a museum has the potential to be totally cool. Our example in this case: Stiegl-Brauwelt, where they even give you an opportunity in the form of a Scavenger Escape to search for hidden treasure.

We begin our tour in the 270° Brew Cinema. Floor, ceiling, walls – everything is bathed in colorful light and suddenly, somehow, we find ourselves right in the middle of the brewing process. Bubbles of carbon dioxide percolate upwards all around us and transform the film into an all-encompassing 3-D experience. Actually, it’s really fascinating to see all the elements that go into making a glass of your favorite ale. Including water, hops and malt. The fact that the water used to brew Salzburg’s most famous beer comes from the nearby Untersberg is very special. Fresh, clear water from right here at home – is that the secret of its amazing taste? Or is it the high-quality grains? Or both?

Of stairways and beer wagons

After introducing us to the basic raw ingredients, the rooms which follow take us through the history of the company. Stiegl has long been an enthusiastic sponsor of major events, while also having deep roots in the Salzburg Festival. Beer and the classics, what a compelling combination! In no time, we understand why the logo is a stairway: The original brewery lay in the heart of the city – right next to a set of stairs. The Austrian word for a stairway – “Stiege” – provided the basis for the company name as well. And did you know, on occasion they continue to deliver beer by cart to this day? Magnificent dray horses, an old wooden wagon with beer kegs stacked on top – a stylish way indeed for many local “watering holes” to take delivery of their most beloved brews, even though the 21st century is well and truly underway.

Museum 3.0: Scavenger Hunt.

What’s this – a scavenger hunt? Exploring the museum like a detective? It’s a little hard to imagine. Does it mean I’ll have to sport a Sherlock Holmes hat and peer through a magnifying glass, as I investigate the beer cellar and maybe use my astonishing brainpower to open a combination lock? To be quite honest, yes. That’s kind of how it is; though without the hat. You see, visitors are sent on a mysterious mission through the museum. The story: Johann Elixhauser was an extraordinary brewmaster who hid away his secret recipe for an incredible beer. By solving a series of tasks, you will find the key to open the chest.

A pioneering museum concept.

At the end of your scavenger hunt, you are very likely to have found the original beer recipe. As your reward, you will receive a well-earned glass of the “good stuff”. The idea of using a game as a means to explore a museum is as simple as it is ingenious. It is easy to imagine the concept being adapted to other museums. For a perfect combination of knowledge and fun. Regardless of whether it’s a rainy day or sunny outside.