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City feeling


Every year autumn sneaks up on us ever so gently. Yet, suddenly – it’s there, bathing Salzburg in myriad colours. It’s accompanied by the Dirndl dress season, the Rupertikirtag fairground, hiking time – and much more. Join us in the city of Mozart for an autumnal break!

Let the autumn season begin  

Shiny dark brown horse chestnuts, golden-yellow chanterelle mushrooms and a sea of sunflowers. There’s no better place to start an autumn weekend in Salzburg than at the Grünmarkt – for locally-grown produce – in the heart of the town. We sink our teeth into juicy, red apples; wander around the old town and enjoy a spot of window Shopping. Peer into the shop window of a Tracht clothing store, Salzburg being well-known for its Tracht-adorned events – not least the long-standing Rupertikirtag fairground, and the Kirchweihfest – an annual feature taking place around the 24th September. Salzburg’s residents and guests seize these opportunities to dress in their finest Tracht clothing, or to purchase new attire – like us. We find what we’re looking for – a modern Dirndl dress in the colours of autumn – in one of the town’s boutiques. Looking this sharp, we’re now ready for the Rupertikirtag fair!

The autumnal heart of Salzburg beats at the Rupertikirtag fair

The safety bars rattle down into our laps; we hold on tight and the carousel rides can begin! Everybody has to ride the Kettenprater carousel once in their lives. The old rides and market stalls are all arranged around the cathedral. The popular carousel ride spins us around, high up in the air, as the sunlight flashes past the cathedral dedicated to Saint Rupert. The main beer tent is already doing a roaring trade and the squares in the surrounding area are filled with music and laughter. We soak up the atmosphere, chew at a stick of candyfloss at one of the stalls, then try our luck on an old bowling alley – as a pristine marching band stomps its way past. Visitors to the Rupertikirtag fairground can hear the heartbeat of the town of Salzburg – strong, loud and joyous.

Enjoy the summit and a refreshing beer

The next day we’re up with the sun and out with our rucksacks and hiking boots; ready to conquer Mount Untersberg! Just after 9am we step into the Untersbergbahn cable car for a pleasant ride to the summit. At the peak station of the city’s largest mountain we stop to take in the clear, cool and fragrant air, and to admire the late summer wild flowers. We clamber over rocky terrain in the direction of the summit cross to be rewarded by an absolutely magnificent panoramic view. On our return to Salzburg, we’re in the mood for a cold beer at the Augustiner Bräu brewery in Mülln. After some fascinating insights into the secrets of brewing beer, we’re ready to see the traditional steins filled with wonderfully mild, finely-beaded Salzburg Augustinerbier, and can’t wait for the gorgeous golden barley brew to hit our taste buds!

On the pilgrims’ trail to a heavenly, sweet and fluffy treat

The perfect stay wouldn’t be complete without a portion the city’s famous soft meringue pie – Salzburger Nockerl! Its praises were once sung in an operetta in which it was referred to as a greeting from heaven. To enjoy this treat we even have to walk along part of the local pilgrims’ trail. For over 300 years people from all over the world have been on pilgrimages to the Maria Plain basilica. However, our goal is Gasthof Maria Plain, right next to the church. While we look back on the past two days, the sweet aroma of this typical Salzburg speciality wafts across the garden of the restaurant. Moments later it’s on the table in front of us in the traditional shape of three light and fluffy local mountain peaks. As the evening sun casts a dreamy spell across the surrounding scenery, we stroll to the top of Plainberg hill to take in the vista of the city of Mozart and the Salzburg Festival down below, resplendent in its magical autumn attire.    

  • If we have whet your appetite to spend 48 hours in Salzburg during autumn, now’s the perfect time to go ahead and book an inexpensive package offer!