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City feeling

The Salzburg Bad-Weather Challenge

Rain and Salzburg? Oh, yes! In fact, the two go so hand-in-hand, the phenomenon had to be given a whole new name: Schnürlregen. However, if you’re determined to keep your spirits up and not let the dull wet weather get you down, the city has all kinds of exciting opportunities and cool alternatives in store for you.

The rain in Salzburg requires no introduction, since you are bound to make its acquaintance sooner or later. In fact, it’s just another part of the scenery. And once it gets started, it seems like it’s coming down in sheets. Except, people in Salzburg don’t know that particular English idiom, so we had to come up with one of our own. That’s why we invented the term Schnürlregen: The raindrops pour down so incessantly and intensely, they look like curtains of string draped down from the heavens. And as you might just have figured out, the word for string in local dialect is Schnürl. But that said, there’s no reason to wallow in a situation you can’t do a thing about! Plus, we do have a Plan B up our sleeves after all. And so, we proudly present to you the one, the only: “Bad-Weather Challenge”.

Adrenaline Rush

Couch potatoes will likely gasp in horror and cling onto the aforementioned piece of furniture in a panic – but the temptations Salzburg dangles in front of you are simply too sweet! So, abandon your comfy settee for just a bit and head out to the Scavenger Escape: On Mülln Hill, the scent of adventure floats tantalizingly in the air, adventure that promises an escape from the real world. The rooms in this inconspicuous old building all have evocative names, such as “Egyptian Adventure”, “Mozart’s Mystery” and “Secret Surgery”, and will definitely push your grey cells to the limit – only the canniest gamers will be able to solve the puzzles and save mankind. Now, if you’re looking for something a tad more physical, the Boulderbar will likely be the place for you. Boulder what? Bouldering is all about rock climbing, minus a rope or harness. Here in Salzburg, being the cool city that we are, one trendy location decided to kick the coolness factor of this sport up a notch by adding a bar. Which means, rookie and pro rock jocks get to do their bouldering “thing” in an urban setting, and unwind in between to a couple of chillin’ tracks. Stress? Nah, no such thing!

Icy Enjoyment

At the Salzburg Ice Arena, bad-weather refugees and ice addicts get to skate in the tracks left behind by the RedBull stars. In the same venue where famous ice-hockey players battle it out over that innocuous little rubber puck, or aspiring Olympic figure skaters fine-tune their pirouettes, regular visitors like you and me get to glide gracefully around the rink as well. In fact, the Ice Arena boasts two rinks, one indoors and the other outside, meaning there’s more than enough space for the whole family. If you didn’t happen to pack skates in your carry-on, you are welcome to rent a pair at the ticket counter. So, what are you waiting for? Pull on those blades and show us what you’ve got!

Paradise for Movie Buffs

We need a break! If you’ve had enough of mental gymnastics and feats of sporting derring-do for a while, too, maybe a visit to Das Kino will be what the doctor ordered. A Salzburg cinematic institution, this cinema boasts two auditoriums, along with the authentic flavor of an original motion picture theater in combination with a two-channel sound system. And this cinema, tucked just off the Giselakai, is the only one in the city that regularly goes out of its way to show films in the original language with subtitles – from French comedies to Latin American dramas. However, if you have more of a hankering for literature, why not head over to Lehen, where you will encounter a paradise of reading materials on the 3 floors of the Salzburg City Library. Aside from providing WiFi (“Salzburg surft!”) and a comfy reading lounge, a visit to the library’s Panorama Bar on the fourth floor is an absolute must. So, in the mood for a cappuccino or a full brunch? And as the name suggests, accompanied by some of the best views in all of Salzburg.

May the luck be with you!

If you are in the mood to dally in games of chance, Casino Salzburg might well be impossible to resist! Amid the sophisticated ambience of Schloss Klessheim, everyone ages 18 and up – and sporting appropriately elegant clothing, of course – is welcome to take a seat at the tables, hopefully with Lady Luck at their side. Or, you might simply prefer to enjoy an exclusive dinner. First-timers have the opportunity every Friday and Saturday to have an expert explain to them the ins and outs of roulette or Black Jack. Afterwards, you can put everything you’ve learned into practice. How cool is that!