Nature in Salzburg City

Experience and enjoy the green city of Salzburg

Its city mountains, gardens and parks all add to the enchantment of Salzburg. Like perhaps nowhere else, you are able to walk within just a few minutes from the heart of the city to the top of a mountain. If you prefer to stay in the valley, of course, you are always welcome to stretch out beneath a shade tree in one of Salzburg’s spacious city parks.

Green Salzburg –where it feels good to be alive

Salzburg City is nestled between 5 local mountains: Untersberg, Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg, Nonnberg and Gaisberg. That said, you can also experience nature right here inside the city itself. If you look up from the historical district, your eyes will rest on the Mönchsberg, enthroned upon which is Hohensalzburg Fortress. Whether you prefer to hike up or take a comfortable ride on the fortress funicular instead, once you are up there you will be able to soak in the wonderful views across all of Salzburg and the surrounding countryside.


Also just waiting to be discovered are those numerous green spaces, gardens and parks which make Salzburg so charming and appealing. Alongside the River Salzach, for example, the Salzach Promenade invites you to stroll and enjoy. For good reason, countless locals have discovered the banks of the Salzach as an ideal picnic area, where they love nothing more than to spend sunny days right on the water’s edge.


Here you can learn more about our Livable Salzburg and discover for yourself how beautifully nature and city can go hand-in-hand.

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