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Domplatz & Marienstatue

Domplatz & Marienstatue

Archbishop Wolf Dietrich had Cathedral Square built in Salzburg's Old City: it is distinguished by its architectural unity and exceptional beauty. Cathedral Square is bordered by the Cathedral, the archiepiscopal Residence and the convent tract of St. Peter's Monastery. The "cathedral arches" built by Giovanni Antonio Darios connect the square with Residence Square and Chapter Square, a second set of arcades with the Franciscan Church.

Immaculate Column
Modeled after the Immaculate Columns in Vienna and Munich, the statue of the Virgin Mary is the focus of attention on Cathedral Square. The Maria Immaculata was commissioned by Archbishop Sigismund Graf Schrattenbach. It is the work of the brothers Wolfgang and Johann Baptist Hagenauer, a mixture of marble sculpting and cast iron.
The statue of Maria Immaculata is enthroned on a "mountain of clouds" made of Untersberg marble and a globe. It is surrounded by allegoric figures on four sides: Angel, Devil, Truth (Wisdom) and the Church. A plaque on the side of the Cathedral explains their meaning: the mystery of the Immaculate Conception was so great that it caused the angels to be delighted, human wisdom to vanish, the devil to growl in envy and the triumphant church to rejoice.

From the center of the arcades facing the Franciscan Church the classicist Immaculate Column is positioned in the central axis of the Cathedral. It virtually connects with the angels on the Cathedral façade and seems to wear the crown mounted on the building.

Cathedral Square today
Its enclosed form has made Cathedral Square an ideal setting for performances of the famous "Everyman" play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal during the Festival season. In the summer months the stage and grandstand invite visitors to stop for a rest. Salzburg's Christmas market is held on the square during the winter.

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