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Fusion Austrian-style

Traditional Austrian dishes that melt in your mouth, sitting around a long table with your whole family, or munching on finger foods as you sip on a glass of wine at the bar. Salzburg is a truly delectable destination thanks to palate-pleasing restaurant concepts for all tastes.

Magazin: the best from around the world

A restaurant with vaulted ceilings hewn out of the rock of the Mönchsberg, a bar with cocktails and music, a vinothèque, a floating glass construction for special events, and a secluded inner courtyard – the Magazin is a complete sensory experience for gourmets as well as aesthetes. Since setting course in a new direction, the endeavors of Claudia and Raimund Katterbauer are no longer dictated by “toques” and Michelin stars. Their guests are young, the service uncomplicated and the mood casual. In the kitchen, the emphasis is on high-quality dishes that bring together the best from around the world. The olive oil comes from Apulia, the seabream from Croatia, while Moroccan influences may be found in their recipe for shoulder of lamb. Their wine cellar is impressive, nestled between rock and glass: Approximately 600 fine vintages are stored here to be tasted and sold.

  • Magazin Salzburg

M32: new perspectives

A dining location with countless diversions: Standing on the Mönchsberg, the M32 is easily reached by hopping on the Mönchsberg lift or via one of the footpaths that lead up from the historic district and also take you past the Museum der Moderne. The loft-like interior, where neon lighting is side-by-side with deer antlers, never fails to inspire design fans. Guests have the choice: Begin a brand-new day with a Mönchsberg breakfast, sit out on the terrace enjoying beef tartare or tagliolini with spinach and goat cheese accompanied by beautiful scenery, or make evening dinner reservations before sampling a filet of natural Salzburg beef served with shallots sautéed in red wine. Regardless of the time of day, the M32 is a fashionable gathering spot for gourmets and free spirits whose conversations become even more engrossing with the help of a fragrant espresso or an Austrian wine. The M32 can also be booked for weddings, business events and family celebrations.

K+K: hospitality rooted in passion

On the ground floor of one of the most historically significant buildings in Salzburg, during the past year the Koller + Koller day-bar opened its doors on Waagplatz. The house itself has been owned by the Koller family since the 1960s. Renovations have given this historically listed building fresh new accents and architectural highlights. One of these is the vaulted ceiling covered with a mosaic of brass tiles. “Guests stop in for a drink or bite to eat. We want to give them relaxed enjoyment coupled with competency and passion”, say hosts Claudia and Norbert Koller. Their menu features creative dishes such as “summer rolls” and home-graved salmon with a fennel confit. Whether a cup of coffee at the bar, a glass of wine with cheese and olives, or a convivial family meal – the K+K day-bar fulfills many different epicurean wishes.

Blaue Gans: for art-loving cosmopolitans

The oldest public eatery in Salzburg, with an over 660-year tradition, is the Blaue Gans on Getreidegasse. Folks have been chatting and dining beneath the restaurant’s historic vaulted ceilings for hundreds of years. The cooks here emphasize precise preparation of culinary classics, including baked chicken and Tafelspitz cooked in a copper pot. The modern Brasserie-Bar, on the other hand, with its linear look, could just as easily be located in the heart of Manhattan. In addition to the selection of restaurant dishes, here guests are also offered snacks and finger foods to accompany wines, craft beers, high-quality gins and homemade lemonades. And then there is the Wine Archive, in which the house’s wine reserves are stored inside a glass cabinet and the dishes are served family-style around long tables.

Sacher Grill: favorite location with a rich heritage

After a four-month hiatus for remodeling, the restaurant at Hotel Sacher – formerly known as the “Salzach Grill” – has been reopened as the “Sacher Grill”. Meaning that this beloved institution has been restored to guests and locals with a whole new concept and design. The interior décor bears the distinctive signature of Sacher-owner Alexandra Winkler, who, together with French architect Pierre-Yves Rochon, has managed to capture that distinctive Sacher-style. Their wiener schnitzel, the famous SalzBurger & Tafelspitz continue to occupy their rightful place on the menu. New faces include Austrian-style tapas and corresponding craft beers. One attention-getter within the new concept is the so-called “kitchen table”, where families and friends can enjoy a “Sunday roast” just like they did back in grandmother’s day.