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Maypole in Salzburg | © Tourismus Salzburg / Stefan Loidl

Raising the Maypole

Every year at the beginning of May, festivities take place in Salzburg to celebrate the maypole tradition. Be a part of the fun as we celebrate this living piece of folk history.

Maypole Festivals

At the beginning of May, it will be that time again: Maypoles are erected at different locations in and around Salzburg City. Raising this festively decorated tree is an ages-old tradition, intended as a visible representation of love, fertility, life and growth.

On the days leading up to the big event, the bark is first peeled off the trunks, mainly pine trees, then the pole is decorated with a hand-tied wreath. With the preparations complete, the pole is raised to the accompaniment of folk music, a joyful symbol visible from afar. True to custom, the maypole is erected with the help of long wooden rods wielded by strong young lads. Maypole festivals take place at many locations, a great opportunity for a friendly get-together and high-spirited celebrations.

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