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Terrace of the Stieglkeller with a view to the oldtown | © Tourismus Salzburg / Günter Breitegger

Beer Culture

Beer has been brewed in Salzburg for more than 600 years: out of a love for indulgence and with an attentive eye to quality and purity. The result is an array of tradition-rich beers and breweries with a long history.

The History of Beer Culture

The first commercial breweries in Salzburg were established at the end of the 14th century. Two of the city’s oldest still exist today, and both are the epitome of knowledge passed down through the generations in combination with unsurpassed expertise: The Stiegl-Brauerei goes back to the year 1492 and is now Austria’s biggest private brewery, while Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln has been producing beer since 1621.

At the time of the prince-archbishops, beer brewing was subject to very strict regulations. Alcohol taxes also brought in lucrative revenues for the state. At the time when Salzburg was absorbed into the Austrian crown lands, new production methods and improved technology led to an upswing in beer production. By 1860, there were 75 breweries across Salzburg City and the entire province. The war years of WWI and WWII saw a drastic decline in the brewing industry. From this point on, the Salzburg market was dominated by two major breweries: Stiegl and Kaltenhausen.

Breweries in Salzburg

Salzburg is generally regarded as the beer capital of Austria. Eleven breweries in and around the city reflect the impressive variety of opportunities available to beer aficionados. From “top dog” Stiegl and venerable Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln, to the Weissbierbrauerei and those microbreweries at inns that produce only for their own guests, Salzburg gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the multifaceted world of “amber nectar”.

Experience Salzburg’s Beer Culture

The easiest way to discover Salzburg’s passion for beer is by paying a visit to one of the pubs or restaurants operated by the breweries. At Stiegl-Brauwelt, you will be given an excellent introduction to the world of brewing, while during a beer-themed guided tour of Salzburg, fascinating background information is combined with delectable taste-testings.

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