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Art projekt Krauthügel 2017 - David Nash | © Salzburg Foundation

Krauthügel Art Project

The “Krauthügel Project” features a different artwork every year during the summer months, with Hohensalzburg Fortress providing an imposing backdrop. The green space on the Krauthügel covers an area of around 80,000 m² - ample room, then, for the exhibited objects to achieve their full effect.

2018 - Paul Wallach "Down to the Ground"

To conclude the Krauthügel Art Project, during summer 2018 Paul Wallach allows a gigantic star to fall to the ground. It is actually made up of long lines of light concrete, recognizable as a star shape, though only from a bird’s-eye perspective. Close up, however, those lines are revealed as solid blocks, and the “drawing” as a sculpture. Visitors can use this artwork for relaxation or play, as a bench, a stage, or a unique place of encounter.

About artist Paul Wallach

Born in New York in 1960, today Paul Wallach lives and works in Paris. His works have been shown predominantly in France and the USA.

2017 - David Nash "My friend the trees"

Exhibition Dates: from 4 June to 30 September

David Nash is an English artist who has dedicated himself to working with wood as his primary medium. This coming summer, six large-scale sculptures by Nash will be exhibited on the Krauthügel in Salzburg, made of wood, charred materials and bronze. Nash does not have trees cut down for any of his artworks. He works either with dead wood or living trees.

About artist David Nash

Nash was born in England in 1945, now living and working in North Wales. He received his training at art colleges in Kingston and Brighton, and at the Royal Academy of Arts. David Nash says: “I desire a simple form of life and activity. I seek a life and works that reflect the balance and permanence of nature. I constantly feel myself drawn to the joys, but also the distress of Mother Nature.”

2016 - Andreas Slominski "Rüben"

Exhibition duration: May 8 - Sep 30, 2016

At this exhibition on the Krauthügel was a road that has been rolled together and placed on end. Next to it was likewise a rolled-up bike path. These were flanked by a pile of turnips and a harvesting machine. The underlying idea: Here, it isn’t people and vehicles that are being transported. Rather, it is thoughts: ideas, concepts and art.  From the head of the artist to that of the observer.

About artist Andreas Slominski

Andreas Slominski lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. He studied art at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts from 1983 to 1986. He gained notoriety with his Traps objects, which are both banal everyday items and autonomous pieces of art. For his works, Slominski has been the recipient of several prizes.

2015 - Zhang Huan "My Temple"

Exhibition duration: 25th July – 29th September 2015

In the summer of 2015 the Chinese artist Zhang Huan erected his "Temple" on the Krauthügel. The installation integrated old structural elements of a Ming Dynasty temple. He recombined the components to form a new structure for the Krauthügel Art Project.

About the artist – Zhang Huan

Zhang Huan lives in Shanghai and New York and is not only successful in the land of his birth. He is internationally acknowledged and comments on his own work as follows: "Every time I enter the temple I feel an incredible spiritual aura around me – something untarnished, enigmatic and quiet."

2014 - Anthony Cragg “Points of View“, “Runner” und “Mixed Feelings“

Exhibition duration: 7th June – 29th September 2014

Anthony Cragg has created three new bronze sculptures especially for Salzburg: “Points of View”, “Runner” and “Mixed Feelings”.

About the artist – Anthony Cragg

Anthony Cragg was born in Liverpool in 1949. After his art degree he moved to Germany. In 2006 the sculptor rebuilt a villa and the surrounding park in Wuppertal to create the Sculpture Park Waldfrieden. There are a number of Anthony Cragg’s works exhibited here. Changing exhibitions by various international sculptors can also be viewed here.


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