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The Sound of Music in Salzburg | © Tourismus Salzburg

The Sound of Music - The Movie

The movie based on the actual story of the singing Trapp family has touched the hearts of film- and music fans around the globe since 1965. Not without reason is “The Sound of Music” acclaimed as one of the most successful productions in movie-making history!

“The Sound of Music” – The Myth

“The Sound of Music” tells a story that can only be written in real life: The aspiring novice Maria (Julie Andrews) leaves her convent in order to care for the children of the widower Baron von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). But the fun-loving Maria doesn’t only captivate the hearts of the youngsters in her charge: Soon the baron and Maria get married. All signs point towards a happy end, until the Nazi dictatorship threatens to destroy their family idyll … This love story now airs on televisions worldwide, especially as a family-friendly classic during the Christmas season. Above all in the English-speaking world, “The Sound of Music” has contributed to the legend which has grown around the true life story of the Trapp family.

The Birth of a Cult Movie

Maria von Trapp published her memoirs in 1949 under the title “The Story of the Trapp family Singers”. Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein brought the book to the stage in 1959 as the musical “The Sound of Music”. Robert Wise then filmed the Broadway hit in 1964 with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer starring in the lead roles. “The Sound of Music” was finally released in movie theaters  in 1965.

An Oscar-winning movie triumph

Since that time, the film has captivated the hearts of entire generations, with a loyal fan base that extends from the USA to Japan. Even the movie’s producers could never have imagined that “The Sound of Music” would become one of the most successful movies ever. Nominated for a total of ten Oscars, it ultimately won five: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Musical Adaptation. A true triumph for 20th Century Fox Studios!

“The Sound of Music” – a recipe for success

A touching story based on real events, garnished with catchy melodies that inspire you to sing along – a movie musical doesn’t need much more than that. The beautiful scenery of Salzburg, with some truly breathtaking shots of the surrounding Alpine landscapes, along with exceptional actors simply add to the magic of “The Sound of Music”. For Julie Andrews, her role as Maria von Trapp marked the beginning of a dream career in Hollywood.

Salzburg as “The Sound of Music City”

No sooner was the movie released, than Salzburg became famous around the globe as “The Sound of Music City”: Numerous area landmarks served as shooting locations for the film. Every single year, more than 300,000 visitors come to Salzburg in order to stroll in real life through some of the locations used in their favorite film. A must for “Sound of Music” fans!

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