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Museum of Natural History and Technology

Giant dinosaurs from prehistoric times come together at the Haus der Natur with milestones of space travel, diverse underwater worlds and reptiles from the most distant corners of the globe. The journey into the human body is guaranteed to astonish you, as will the interactive experiments in the Science Center.

From primordial times into the future

The Haus der Natur in Salzburg is one of the biggest magnets for the general public in the city.  Roaming through the museum, visitors discover the most fascinating aspects of Mother Nature. Right at the entrance, giant dinosaurs show us what the world must have looked like millions of years ago. And only a few steps away, a view out into the endless universe gives us insights into milestones of space travel.

Science Center: Hands-on technology

Physics and technology to touch and “grasp” in the Science Center. Here, visitors – big and small – can experiment to their hearts’ content. Generate electricity with the help of turbines, fly through the room on a floating platform, or build a bridge and then try it out for yourself. The Science Center is 100 percent interactive.

The museum lives

Avid fans of the underwater world love nothing more than to gaze into the aquarium: The colorful coral reefs and fascinating underwater landscapes invite you to look and dream. Elsewhere, foreign cultures and life forms take you to some of the most remote regions on Earth. In the reptile zoo, visitors can look forward to exciting encounters with live snakes and lizards.

The Human Body

How does seeing, hearing and smelling actually work? And what about our heart and lungs? Curious visitors will find the answers to these questions and more as they explore the permanent interactive exhibition aptly named “The Human Body”.  As you take this journey deep inside yourself, you will gain a whole new perspective  and appreciation for how the body functions.

Colorful variety of exhibitions

Numerous exhibits allow visitors to make even more discoveries: from the Arctic to the tropical rainforest, from our local rivers to distant deserts, from bizarre creatures of the ocean depths to fabulous crystalline treasures from deep below the Earth’s surface – when you have seen all of this, one thing will become very clear: Nature is, and will remain the biggest adventure we will ever encounter.

Special exhibitions

  • Until January 2019: “Pictures of the Heavens: Astrophotography at the Haus der Natur”
  • Until December 2019: “Our changing homeland: 200 years of man & environment in Salzburg”
Further information

Guided tours by prior arrangement (by telephone) at least 2 weeks before
Handicapped persons: The museum is wheelchair-accessible.
Dogs not allowed (except assistance dogs)


The Museum of Natural History and Technology is barrier-free accessible. More information you will find on the official website.

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