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Handicapped Parking

There are numerous designated handicapped parking spaces throughout the city of Salzburg.

Special parking permits are issued to people with mobility limitations. Whenever you use such a permit, please display it inside your windshield so it is clearly visible. Holders of this permit (or vehicle drivers who regularly transport a severely handicapped person) are allowed to park:

• in no-parking areas signposted “Parken verboten”
• subject to no time restrictions in short-term parking zones
• in pedestrian zones during times when loading activities are generally permitted
• on handicapped parking spaces (unless an additional sign indicates they are reserved for a specific vehicle)
as well as

• in the second lane, at points on the road where stopping and parking are generally prohibited, in order to exit and enter the vehicle as well as load and unload any equipment required by the handicapped person (e.g. wheelchair) - insofar as other road users are not prevented from passing or leaving.

(Status: 12/2018)


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